Meet The Team: Emma Wilkinson

23 Sep 2020, MOQdigital

Meet Emma Wilkinson, an Associate Project Manager here at MOQdigital. Emma manages multiple projects at any one time and her standard day consists of anywhere between 1 to 6 project meetings, updating schedules, financials, status reports and checking in with her project teams to see how they are going with the work. Emma is great at her role, so much so that last quarter she won a Quarterly Award for her contributions and work ethic.  Before joining the MOQdigital family nearly a year ago, Emma worked at Anglicare, where she progressed through multiple roles in Helpdesk, project work and purchasing. Emma had known a few MOQdigital staff before joining the team though project work

 and orders, which made her transition into the company a familiar one. 

We asked Emma what she is passionate about, and she said, “it sounds weird, but I am passionate about being organised”, which explains why she is so great at her job. Outside of work Emma’s main passion is her Soccer. She has a team in Capalaba made up of her best friends that she has been playing with for years. She says, “it’s a great way to see my friends every week and have fun”.  On a side note, Emma also manages her team and secretly we know she loves it, because organisation is key in Emma’s life. 

As Emma is relatively still fresh to the team, we asked her what she has enjoyed the most working at MOQdigital and she went on to say that she “enjoys the challenges and constant learning” of her work and that “the MOQdigital team is amazing and very supportive”. Emma is a very active person, besides Soccer her other hobby outside of work is her gym, the only downside of the gym Emma says is “the soreness is a downside, but it’s a good sore it makes you feel accomplished”.  

Since joining the MOQdigital team Emma has done nothing but shine and work brilliantly. She is very organised and this shows through her work. We are lucky to have Emma come on board, and we can’t wait to see what the next year looks like for her.