Cyber Security: People and Process

13 Jul 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

Cyber Security

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Cyber security is increasingly important in our ever-connected world. In business, protecting our assets is paramount to ensuring our longevity – and seeing that we do not encounter any stumbling blocks on our way toward operational success.  

Knowing what strategy is needed to best manage your Cyber Security is an integral part of developing good business practices. There are several ways to start on your path to safely and securely protect your business assets. 


Many companies invest hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions into top-of-the-line security software and systems. However, without the appropriate employee training and vetting, security systems fall short. Companies need to consider both intentional and unintentional threats. If employees are not aware of your business’s Cyber Security practices, or worse, if your company has no Cyber Security plan, you could be adding unnecessary and avoidable risks to your long-term goals.

Unfortunately, most companies do not anticipate that threats may come from inside their organisation. Insider threats are a common risk and should be addressed by every organisational security plan. Insider threats are, in part, driven by individuals having greater access to critical information and devices.

Due to growing connectivity within businesses, this risk continues to increase with every passing day. The trickiest part of it all is that many insider threats occur without an employee knowing that they have breached your business’s security. Protective monitoring is helping companies significantly reduce opportunistic crime and counterproductive behaviour from internal sources.


Just having Cyber Security experts working with your team may not be enough to ensure your safety. A security plan may be unsuccessful in its application without a well-planned process. You should always be testing your network’s security and making adjustments based on the results you get from those tests. 

This may include testing for insider threats, malicious software, hacking, and everything in-between. Another thing that all businesses should be doing not to jeopardise their dat is to perform frequent backups and have appropriate copies separate to the system.


Aside from adequate training and processes, technology is part of the front line defence in the cyber security battle. Anti-virus, anti-malware, and software patches are essential in mitigating the risk of attacks on your systems.

This also applies to keeping all your software updated and utilising product patches. These are designed to help counter flaws in software, but many of us end up clicking ‘remind me tomorrow’ instead of just applying the update. You might also use these kinds of technology to gauge the effectiveness of your security and can utilise it in your employee training to ensure that everyone is on the same page and able to address issues as they arise.

If one part of the system is compromised, it is up to the others to ensure that your business assets remain safe and recoverable. You want to ensure that your operations continue to perform as intended and this means having backups – and backup system in place.  


Your Cyber Security and the preservation of your business assets are of vital importance - especially in a modern world where cyber attacks can have a global impact. Get the best security solutions for your company, along with and a superior digital experience with MOQdigital.  

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