Managed Services: Offshore Capability

22 Jun 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

Service First

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MOQdigitalbelieves that businesses should get the most out of their technology investments. Our wealth of experience in managed services seesa successful blend of both onshore and offshore servicesandprovides companies withthe best of both worlds.  

MOQdigital managed services  

Our managed service offering has been designed around practical innovation and personalised delivery, enriching business for every clientto deliver superior service.Effective managed services will do their utmost to provide tailored service that a business can afford. This is made possible by blending both onshore and offshore service strategies.  

 A blended team 

For a successful project, onshore and offshore engagements need to blendteamsto ensure appropriate capability, efficiency, and coverage. A blended approach sees clients receivespeed of delivery, economy, and flexibility.  

ONSHORE:A blended approach sees an onsite team manage milestones, deliverables, and project implementation. A client is present and hands on for the application of their managed services, ensuring that they are aware of and directly participating in the growth of their business.  

OFFSHORE:Our decision to base our Offshore location in Colombo allows us to deliver on our Service First mantra,havingaccess to a smaller pool of higher skilled people thattruly live our Service First values.Our team can support the‘heavy lifting’ workthat goes onbehind-the-scenes. This includesdevelopment, maintenance, testing, support,and having a single personresponsible for issues from their identification to their completion. We havechosen our Offshore team very carefully, only allowing reliable professionalson-board,and take great care to see every project and task completed with the utmost care.  

 The insights produced by the offshore team are delivered to the client and onshore team, keeping everyone up-to-date on system preparations and processes. Further benefits of offshore managed services include: 

-    Reduced costs due to a reduction in overheads 

-    More space and funding for focus on internal growth activities 

-    Predictable financing  

-    Greater focus on core business functions 

 Not only does a blended approach deliver the best of both worlds, but it also helps reduce the burden on a business, freeing finances, time,and increasing customerservicethat are better utilised elsewhere.  

 MOQdigital difference  

If your businessis in need ofexceptional managed services, it is worth investing in an excellent team.  Focused on  a Service First  mantra, our innovativeManaged Service Solutions can help grow your business.  Discover more. Get in touch today.