Managed Services for the Ultimate Guest Experience

12 Dec 2017, MOQdigital

Hotels & Property

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Hotels and properties can optimise their service delivery by engaging with managed service solutions. A Service First approach enables hoteliers to provide the ultimate guest experience, and without themcompanies risk falling short of their guest expectations. This may occur for two reasons: 

  1. The first being that a company does not know how to present their service, and  
  2. Secondly, they do not know how to deliver it.  

If both problems go unresolved, then guests will not be able to engage with the service they have booked, the result of which will negatively impact a business and its reputation. The resolution to this is for hoteliers to use both to sell a guest experience that they can service appropriately. This understanding can be developed through an audit of company policies, costs, and available services, as well as of IT services, security and compliance. From here, a business can then aim to resolve internal issues and improve their customer service focus. MOQdigital's Service First focus helps develop the ultimate guest experience by delivering policies and practices that enable better performance.  

Delivering The Guest Experience 

 The key to successful Service First solutions is to invest in people and understand what guests want, and balance that with what a business can give them. With managed service solutions, organisations can: 

  • Engage with 24/7 global availability and named resourced to deliver Service Desk, Endpoint Management, and Field Services
  • Manage Cloud and Infrastructure Services 
  • Manage Security, Response, and Recovery Services 
  • Utilise SIEM and SOC-as-a-service to deliver the fastest and most appropriate response to cyber incidents 
  • Manage cloud applications with optimised collaboration suites and BI dashboards,  
  • Enable CIO and IT-as-a-service to build and maintain the architecture and strategies required to plan, develop, and deploy their corporate strategy. 
  • Select services tailored to their needs; from single technology silos to complete IT operations.  
  • Have access to a single point of contact for IT related issues 
  • Receive asset and cost management solutions 
  • Benefit from Project management for IT projects and developments 
  •  Understand the benefit and applications of IT solutions in business 

 MOQdigital’s Managed Service solutions provide hoteliers with the tools required to optimise their business practices and deliver the ultimate guest experience.  


With proven track record delivering an extensive range of managed services and solutions to some of the largest hotel groups in Australia, including TOGA group, Meriton, and Rendezvous Hotels, our consultants encourage organisations to embrace the opportunity of digital.  

Contact our team today to discover how managed services could be the solution for your business.