Managed Services: An Investment in People

25 Jul 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

Service First

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The MOQdigital offshore office in Colombo is an investment in the people we work for, and who work with us to deliver our Service First mantra. Having a blend of offshore and onshore services enables our team to reduce costs while keeping quality high.

Extension of Australian Business

The MOQdigital offshore managed services team in Colombo is an integral part of our business. Great care has been taken to employ reliable professionals who believe in our core values and vision. Each project is delivered with the utmost care; the same care practised by the onshore team. This enables us to provide a superior experience while also reducing costs and creating more space to further business development.

Cultural Alignment

Investing in good business practices also means investing in the people within the company itself. Hence why it was important to ensure that our Colombo office aligned culturally with our Australian team. MOQdigital took special care to select an offshore team who had the support of their culture, family, and social environments. These aspects are crucial in maintaining healthy work environments and help ensure that our offshore partners remain in their roles long-term.  We seek to partner with and create work environments that are beneficial to those within them, and whose cultural work ethics and lifestyle align with our own. This draws our onshore and offshore teams closer together, removing barriers and increasing communication, which, in turn, enables us to improve our customer experience.

 Quality Teams, Quality Delivery

Successful Managed Services rely on quality skills, not quantity of people. More does not equal better, and our team is comprised of individuals with specific, niche skill sets that make them an asset to the company – and thus an asset to the companies we work with.

While our offshore team allows us to do more, this is at no sacrifice to the quality of service provided. Those in Colombo do much of the heavy lifting and behind-the-scene work, including maintenance, testing, and support. These tasks are integral to success, and we require the support of offshore workers who can maintain the standards of MOQdigital. This means that the Colombo team is:

  • Customer focused
  • Have specific, professional skill sets required for task completion
  • Access to quality, not quantity of skills

 The MOQdigital investment in offshore services sees us investing in the people who can help us achieve a superior standard of delivery. Our offshore team is as dedicated to customer-focused, tailored managed services as we are. They are an extension of our onshore team, and great care has been taken to ensure that our assets are an asset to our services.

For superior managed services, and a team committed to quality, contact MOQdigital today.