Maintaining your on-site server

24 Jun 2020, MOQdigital

Business Insights

hubspot photos (14)Australia is now on the road to recovery after several months in lockdown, and life is slowly picking back up and people are beginning to return to the office. However, experts believe we will not see the same level of activity in our office spaces compared to before COVID-19.  Only because our offices appear empty and our on-site servers appear dormant, does not mean the servers aren’t in use. As long as they are turned on and people are working remotely, they need to be looked after.  It’s important that a business’ IT infrastructure remains stable in order to continue its operations. Ensuring servers are secure and operating at peak capacities is more vital than ever. Jason Muir, IT Operations Manager for MOQdigital, shares a couple of tips for how to maintain your on-site server during this period.  


Keep it secure 

Your server room should always be kept under lock and key to prevent unauthorised individuals from gaining access and tampering with the hardware, and your software should be patched to the latest version as much as possible. Hackers typically gain access to remote systems by exploiting loopholes in legacy versions. Technology providers like Microsoft are constantly patching and releasing new versions of their software to stay ahead of this curve. MOQdigital’s own servers are regularly checked to ensure their software has been patched to the latest version so that our information is stored as securely as possible. 


Regular Maintenance 

Prior to COVID-19 and the lockdowns, most IT Teams had a regime for upkeeping their servers, which involved regularly scheduled downtime on servers, both for on-site and remote access, in order to perform routine inspections or maintenance. As much as possible, this regime should remain normal and intact. Performing regular maintenance on your on-site servers allows your operations and processes to remain smooth and functional during this period and helps prevent unexpected blackouts or downtime that could otherwise be avoided.  


Automate where possible 

We get it, doing everything you did before the lockdown to maintain your server might not be possible given the current situation. Your capacity for IT operations might not be as large as it once due to restrictions on the number of staff you can have on site. It’s highly recommended that where possible, you leverage the tools and technologies available to you and automate what processes you can. Processes like automatically checking for and applying updates, generating system logs, and performing routine diagnostics are all processes that can benefit from automation and accommodate a smaller team running the show. Apps like Microsoft Intune and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) can be vital to implementing such automation.  


We hope these tips help you in maintaining your core IT processes. For further information, please click below to book a consultation. Book a Meeting