Is IT worth it? Education and Technology

17 Jul 2019, MOQdigital


Copy of MOQdigital Jan - Mar II (76)Technology and education can be expensive, and there are plenty of trends that could cost schools more in time and money that they receive in returned benefits. Many educators are beginning to ask 'Is IT worth it?' and are questioning the value of combining education and technology. Budgets across the education sector are decreasing, but governments, parents, and teachers are still pushing for world-class education in an ever-changing digital environment. How can school leaders find the right balance to save money and improve student success? It seems an impossible task, and many begin to ask whether or not IT investments are worth it.

Is IT worth it?

It is a million-dollar question – literally. Is IT worth it? Is the combination of education and technology worth the time and effort?

Technology costs money to implement, and more and more schools are realising that technology is the driver behind positive change in education. Digital Transformation is necessary for student success in a modern era, and schools must apply the right strategies to get the most out of their digital investments. Schooling is changing, with an emphasis on STEAM learning, mental wellbeing, and digital-ready skills transforming not only how students learn, but what they learn. IT in schools should not be about getting the latest devices, but rather about facilitating relevant learning experiences for modern education. 
Without the right plan, IT investments will cost more than they are worth. It is why having the right team, solutions, and services onboard is essential.

By understanding what technologies you have, along with how to use them, evolve them, and have them contribute to the entire organisation – IT is worth it. This understanding can be done by asking three simple questions:

  1. Does a new digital investment have a proven positive impact on efficiency, student learning, or overall outcomes?
  2. Does it contribute to existing infrastructure, or, if replacing existing infrastructure, improve upon it and act as a platform for future digital investments?
  3. Can it enhance, transform, and improve the changes already taking places in the school?

The goal of Digital Transformation is to improve upon how things operate, not change what operations occur. Any IT investment should serve to enhance existing goals and strategies and equip students for success in an era that is driven by digital technologies.

 The Role of the School

The role of schools is to educate students for their future and equip them today as the leaders of tomorrow. Education and technology can help do that. The expectation of education has shifted dramatically in the last decade because of advancements in technology. Educators now understand the impact of positive wellbeing and can utilise digital devices to enhance learning experiences across the board. Beyond this, IT services can streamline school operations, help save money, and improve how teachers engage with students, parents, and the campus as a whole.

School leaders should not be investing in IT because it is ‘the done thing’. Instead, they should be looking to make worthwhile contributions to existing operations. These contributions should be scalable, reliable, and relevant to the needs of the campus. In a digitally-driven age, the role of school administrators is to evaluate how technology can be used most effectively in their classrooms. This includes interpreting whether the costs involved are worth the effort.

This can be a difficult task, especially with so many options existing on the market. If you are asking 'Is IT worth it?' MOQdigital can help. Our Education consultants are experienced in helping schools ensure their IT investments are worth it. Contact us today and find out more about what Digital Transformation could look like at your school.