Is it time to move to As-a-service IT?

11 Aug 2020, MOQdigital

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Over the last few months, we have explored Managed Services concerns, such as losing a key technical resource, the shift to managing remote offices and delivering new services.

Considering all these challenges, managing one’s own IT support and services is never easy. It might be time to consider the IT as a service model. 


Not an all-or-nothing decision 

Firstly, the as-a-service IT model (ITaaS) is not an all-or-nothing consumption conundrum. You shouldn’t pay for a high-density datacentre you’re not using or other services you don’t need. Neither is it piecemeal solutions cobbled together like a hodgepodge mixture of conflicting servicesITaaS provides tailored solutions to each organisation, providing support that optimises operations for productivity and efficiency. Though the solutions are often unique to each organisation, there are 3 main benefits to the ITaaS model: 

  • Scalability -  ITaaS allows companies to pay only for what they need and is flexible enough to adapt to changing conditions and demands, whether improving cloud services to account for an increased demand in bandwidth, or provisioning for additional storage space during a server migration.  
  • Transparency  Using this model gives the organisation greater insight into how their resources are utilisedidentify well performing operations and optimise processes that need to be improved.  
  • Expertise  Having a competent managed services partner providing you with a high level of expertise can go a long way in boosting your efficiency and productivity. Time consuming tasks like server maintenance and software updates can be handled by your partner, leaving you free to focus on achieving your business goals.  


Regardless of your needs, MOQdigital possesses the experience and expertise to provide tailored assistance to help you manage your services and support you in achieving your business outcomes.  


Our Managed Services Practice can tailor and implement 24x7 services both remotely and on-site to suit your enterprise, whether you need a broad base of solutions or are looking for specific technologies.  


Our services model is designed to help supplement and extend your capabilities depending on your needs. As we have been relentlessly focused on delivering high quality services for over a decade, we can help you assess your service needs and recommend a tailored solution to suit your business. If you would like to learn more about our Managed Services capabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us here 


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