IoT Trends for 2018

14 Mar 2018, MOQdigital Marketing

Internet of Things

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2018 will continue to showcase the growth associated with increased connectivity. In the Internet of Things (IoT), we expect to see greater integration of mobile technologies, as well as some frustration associated with integrating new and complex systems. Some of the things we are excited to see include:  

  1. Growth 
    An obvious prediction, but a good one all the same. IoT will continue to expand in coming years. This is because more devices are coming online every day, and these devices are being used to integrate multiple industries and boost business opportunities. In industry especially, we are seeing users adopt wearable devices to improve site security and machine management, enhancing workplace health and safety both in the office, in remote locations, and off-site.  
  2. Security 
    Security has always been a primary concern associated with IoT. As IoT is complicated, and many companies have multiple devices, IT departments are facing numerous security challenges. These include mobile device management, as well as securing networks and endpoints. Keeping data safe is of paramount importance, so companies must find a solution to protect their assets. MOQdigital offers advanced cyber security solutions tailored to meet the needs of companies engaging with IoT, helping businesses to prevent and address threats and get ahead of risk.  
  3. Mobility 
    Mobility is an popular trend, and as mobile platforms become more prevalent, companies need to learn how to integrate their existing infrastructure with cloud-based and mobile architecture. This will help enable seamless IoT experiences and ensure that businesses are getting the most out of their investments.  
  4. Marketing 
    The Internet of Things is driving marketing processes. An increasing number of companies are harnessing IoT to drive their marketing efforts, utilising data from customers and understanding the trends associated with their business. They are also able to respond to trends, utilising the flexibility of IoT to change gears to continue on the right path to success.  
  5. Analytics 
    Machine learning is helping companies improve how they receive, analyse, and understand their data. Not only does it allow them to understand existing trends, but can also better examine past events to generate future predictions. We expect to see IoT going above and beyond to provide in-depth analysis that boosts business for the better.  

These trends are an extension of what we already see in the IoT sphere. Because the Internet of Things combines sensing and signaling technologies to collect, process and transmit data to Cloud platforms for analysis, insight and action, its possibilities are endless. Don’t get left behind. Discover how IoT can create positive change in your company. Get in touch with a MOQdigital consultant today.