Information Protection: Securing Your Most Valuable Asset.

08 Oct 2020, MOQdigital

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For many organisations, information is their most valuable asset. In an increasingly connected environment, information is exposed to a growing number of risks from the devices used for access, the networks used for connectivity, and an expanding number of users within an organisation. Comprehensive and tailored Information Protection solutions are fast becoming a must-have to protect against risks like malicious intent, extraction of intellectual property, or Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS). The question is no longer whether Information Protection is needed, but what the best method of protection is for your needs.  What makes an Information Protection Solution great? 

In addition to securing your information, a robust Information Protection solution should provide key benefits to your organisation: 

  • Organisation wide protection: Whether the risk is internal or external, Information Protection solutions should be designed to keep your information safe regardless of accidental or malicious intent. Solutions should be efficient and effective in the control and access of data.  
  • Centrally Managed: As with most security solutions, Information Protection solutions should provide a centrally managed framework across your entire organisation, allowing for a continuous high-level view of your security landscape and fast response to any detected threats. 
  • Easy identification and classification of data: In order to have comprehensive coverage, your Information Protection solution should classify all the facets of your data in your environment, whether paper-based or digital, as per your organisations data classification policies. This classification ensures appropriate levels of access based on the user and method of access, which ultimately use the Information Protection solution to enforce the required policies.  
  • Adaptive Solutions: Threats to the safety of your information are always evolving. A comprehensive solution to your Information Protection needs should evolve and adapt to incorporate the newest developments in the security sphere, including the changing way in which users work and access data to best achieve the business outcomes.  

The MOQdigital Offer 

To begin your journey towards developing a robust solution for your needs, MOQdigital offers both Secure Score Workshops and Security Assessments to help you map your current vulnerabilities and establish the best course of action for you. If you would like to learn more, please contact us below.

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