Information Management: Executive Ownership

24 Sep 2020, MOQdigital

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The profile of cyber security and information management has been raised greatly over the last decade, in line with the exponential advancements in the associated technologies and solutions. 

For businesses to both securely manage their data and defend against security risks and breaches, Ownership of the information management and security decisions should be identified with

in the business, if it hasn’t already.

The Current Gap

Among many businesses today, there is a large gap between C-Suite Management and the engagement and prioritisation of cyber security and information management. Due to a lack of discussion around the risks at an executive level and ambiguity over who at a high level, responsible for the organisation’s security leads, Senior management often don’t see the need for heavy investment, or any investment at all in cyber security until it’s too late. A dangerously widespread belief is that “since we have yet to experience a breach, it is unlikely to happen.” This particularly challenges smaller organisations that do not have a CIO or IT director in place, and the CEO has a limited knowledge of security solutions.

Critical responsibilities

Cyber security is and always will be a C-Suite responsibility. A company’s IT manager will almost always be responsible for the day-to-day security operations and information management policies, but executive level oversight and management is required in order to maintain an effective and secure environment for information management. This is not just advised, but expected according to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC): board participation is important in growing a strong culture of cyber resilience and “a failure to meet obligations to identify and manage cyber risks may, if you are a director or officer of a company, result in you being disqualified from your role”.

Doing nothing is no longer an option. However, there are pathways available if your organisation lacks the expertise or experience to handle such environments.

The MOQdigital and IT Integrity Offering

Whatever your information management needs, MOQdigital and IT Integrity have partnered to provided you all the assistance and solutions you need to effectively managed and secure your sensitive data. Whether you need high-level review of your security policies or a retooling of your current information management and security systems, MOQdigital and IT Integrity provide the expertise and consultancy services to help you secure your data and achieve your business outcomes by reviewing your current capabilities with an information management lens. Our services range from providing CRO capabilities to help you plan your environments securely, to conducting Microsoft Secure Score workshops to assess your current vulnerabilities and help you jump-start your security policy planning. If you would like to learn more, please contact us to kick-start your information management journey. 

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