Identity in Business

26 Mar 2019, MOQdigital Marketing

Cyber Security

Copy of MOQdigital Jan - Mar II (19)Identity and Access Management (IAM) has fast become the cornerstone of security for a successful business. Connected to productivity and risk reduction, IAM is an asset for all business leaders engaging with a digitally enabled environment. But, what does this mean in simple terms? Businesses who want to be successful in a modern world, one led by digital and portable technologies, need modern security solutions. They need a good Identity infrastructure. These are solutions that make work easier, acting to enable progress rather than inhibit it.

Why do you need Identity?
To understand this better, business leaders first need to identify what parts of a modern work environment create risk for their organisation. Thanks to advances in The Cloud and The Internet of Things, companies are more mobile than ever before. Workers can access networks anywhere, any time. However, without the right management, this access can cause a significant risk increase. For example, users may have access to files and services that are above their paygrade, while others may not be able to utilise privileges that will enhance their workplace productivity. By identifying who is using what, when, and why, business leaders can not only track access across their network but also ensure that the right people have the proper access too. Identity Management (IDM) solutions help with this process, providing a tool for businesses to monitor and manage employees, customers, contractors, partners, guests, and more in a simple, effective way.

One Size Does Not Fit All
While Identity solutions are an asset for business, they are also something that can best serve business leaders when applied appropriately. Every company is different, and their needs are different too. Businesses with employees who travel more or who require remote access will have separate Identity needs to those who operate from a single location. Software, budget, company size, and actionability should also be considered – along with ongoing security concerns and needs. However, all good Identity services will offer

  •  Directory services
  • Identity Authentication
  • User provisioning and management
  • Role monitoring and management
  • Access Management
  • Password solutions such as single-sign-on
  • Compliance auditing

If you aren’t sure about what Identity looks like in your business – contact MOQdigital today. We can help you make the most out of your digital investments, and help you thrive in a digitally driven market.