Identity and Access Management – Choosing the right partner

20 Oct 2020, MOQdigital

Cyber Security


As the world continues to evolve and become more mobile friendly with the adoption of new technology, businesses need to similarly improve their security solutions and environments to account for these new developments. One of the most important aspects of securing your environment should be a robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution.  What is IAM? 

The core objective of an IAM solution is to create a single, resilient and secure digital identity per user which provides a strong and secure key for IT access decisions. IAM solutions are a suite of technologies designed to help businesses manage their internal and external user profiles, facilitate integration with third party solutions, ensure a high-level of protection of credentials, and to ultimately govern and protect data and applications within an organisation. These include components like single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, conditional access and role-based access control, which ultimately help organisations identify and manage both employee and customer user profiles.  

Choosing the right IAM solution and integration partner 

As cloud-based services become more common within the daily operations of organisations, the ability to control identities and their associated access becomes more widespread and difficult to control and audit. The right solution for you can greatly reduce cost and administration overhead whilst improving audit compliance and logging capabilities. This results in an overall reduction in risk to the organisation. Choosing the right solution for your IAM needs should therefore be meticulously considered. Here are 4 questions to ask yourself when selecting the right partner for you.  

  • Does the vendor offer a hybrid Solution? – Can your vendor’s solution account for both internal (on-premise networks and devices) and external (SaaS, cloud networks, BYO devices) resources? A good technology partner will boast solutions that can provide a secure environment both internally and externally.  
  • How robust are the access policies? – We are fast moving towards a password-less world. The new gold standard for IAM involves a common multi-factor approach across all your environments, including apps, networks, devices and services. A competent integration partner should provide you with support across these various factors (soft and hard tokens, biometric, OTPs, device type, compliance, location and many other variables).  
  • How do you manage access from mobile devices? – Today’s cloud capabilities mean that IAM solutions are about both the user AND the device. Look for a vendor that offers capabilities in mobile device management which can integrate to your IAM solution, and that can assist you in developing a BYOD policy if required. 
  • Do you need a comprehensive platform or a targeted solution? – The answer to this question depends on your desired outcomes. Targeted solutions will provide a comprehensive set of IAM benefits to a focused environment. However, a competent IAM solution should be flexible, continuing to evolve with organisation and user demands, and be able to cater for your future needs. Too many times, organisations focus on the short-term gains and reaction to immediate threats, when they should be forward thinking and making long term plans for their security needs. An integrated platform addresses these concerns with the ability to correlate information and utilise features within individual components, bringing all your security and IAM solutions into a single point of access for managing user identities.  

The MOQdigital offer 

Whatever your IAM needs, MOQdigital is ready to help you achieve more with your technology investment. Leveraging the flexibility and strength of Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) and supporting solutions such as Azure MFA, Conditional Access, RBAC, key management and SSO, MOQdigital can help you develop a tailored IAM solution that suits your needs. To begin, MOQdigital offers Security Assessments and Secure Score Workshops to help you map where your current vulnerabilities lie and help you plan your next steps towards a secure environment. If you would like to learn more, please contact us below.


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