How to Protect your Business’s Most Valuable Assets

14 Feb 2022, MOQdigital

Business Insights, Microsoft

data loss protectionAs you would be aware, organisations have sensitive information under their control such as financial data, personally identifiable information, credit card numbers, and health records. To help protect this sensitive data and reduce risk, you need a way to prevent your users from inappropriately sharing it with people who shouldn't have it. This practice is called data loss prevention (DLP). DLP, is a set of technologies, products, and techniques that are designed to stop sensitive information from leaving an organization. Interestingly 64% of IT pros surveyed report failing to recover data over the past year.  

The good news? The ways to protect this data are often very simple. Below we will share seven common reasons for data loss and how to stop these from occurring. After all, we all want a good night’s sleep.  


Number 1. You Fail To Back Up Your Data 

Backup and recovery solutions can often take a long time to upload, deterring users from fully completing this process. Luckily with advanced deduplication and compression technology you can reduce the size of your data before it’s sent across your network. This means your backups can successfully complete, even if you’re bandwidth challenged. If you’re running a legacy backup product, this is one big reason to modernise your solution. 


Number 2. Ransomware  

Ransomware is becoming more common and hackers are becoming more intelligent. By running SaaS backup and recovery with the backup service hosted in the cloud, you can create secondary data copies in resilient cloud storage. This way, your backups will be ready to access and restore, even if you or your organisation is hit by a ransomware attack. 


Number 3. Planning  

Just as the foundation is the most important part of a house, your backup plan configuration is the most important factor in being able to successfully recover data in the case of loss. Without a plan in place, organisations can end up in a difficult situation that could have been avoided with the correct planning and programs implemented 


Number 4. Cost 

While the right configurations will save you money by optimising storage, the wrong decisions can cost you. Whether it was your younger self (we’ve all been there) or a predecessor, someone made years ago that has you facing massive storage costs today. 


Number 5. New Applications  
In the rush to roll out new applications, creating appropriate backup strategies can often be an afterthought. You’ve seen it: Your company rolls out an application, you have a new data type to protect, and you realize your current backup solution won’t cover it. To overcome this MOQdigital is always able to help with rolling out a new application successfully and to ensure your organisations has the right type of protection suited to your needs.  


Number 6. Early Detection  

Companies often have safeguards against ransomware but may not be aware that their backup solution can be the last line of defence, even after an attack has taken place. When ransomware hits, early detection is very important. It allows a company to mount defences quickly, contain the spread of ransomware, and avoid additional data loss.  


Number 7. Cloud  

Companies need to stay protected as they migrate data and applications to the cloud or pursue multi-cloud strategies. And if you’re running on-premises backup and recovery, you’ll need to stay ahead of the game by adding infrastructure as your data needs grow, which in turn take time and planning. 


Effective modern workplaces are underpinned by Microsoft 365. The infrastructure offers an extensive range of applications and integrations including Microsoft’s Data Loss Prevention capabilities, along with advanced security and constant evolution. MOQdigital helps you unlock the benefits of this environment to meet your changing business needs, policies, and processes. MOQdigital is focused on delivering on your modern workplace experience having built a team with Microsoft 365 specialist skills who have been providing extensive levels of guidance and support to customers since the initiation of the Microsoft 365 Cloud.  

Please reach out to us today if you would like to start your data protection journey.