How IoT is shaping Transport and Utilities

14 Mar 2018, MOQdigital Marketing

Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has steadily grown in its popularity and application over the last few years. With smart devices becoming more popular, the momentum of IoT is moving into industry, transforming how Transport and Utilities operate. This is because IoT hardware with modules and sensors are increasingly in demand, meaning that IoT software and projects can be applied to more things. For Industry, this means the application of wearable devices, as well as better maintenance practices and remote monitoring solutions. Essentially, IoT and Remote Monitoring allows Industries to control, monitor, and manage their assets better. With access to systems that automate, analyse, and help businesses understand their assets, IoT solutions provide in-depth analysis and insights that enable optimised operations and empowered solutions for industry. This is evident in how IoT delivers Transport and Utilities Industries with the opportunities to;  

  • Secure connectivity essential to metering and grid maintenance 
  • Enable central teams to monitor and maintain machines on remote sites and while in transit, enabling more efficient, safe maintenance practices 
  • Better track breakdowns, risk factors, security, and trends 
  • Conserve resources, such as water, and the provision of leak and breakdown detectors to provide insights into site quality, pressure, temperature, and other relevant information 
  • Improve the safety of their workers with wearable devices 
  • Enable a more comprehensive understanding of how well specific sites and features are performing, and what needs to be done to improve functionality on remote sites.  
  • Utilise Cloud platforms that allow data streams to be read and analysed in real time 
  • Provide machine learning to predict consequences and trends associated with data.  

IoT is transforming global business, and Transport and Utilities are no exception. We have empowered a number of customers with Remote Monitoring and IoT solutions in Transport and Utilities Industries, including SEQ Water, Laing O’Rourke, and Aurizon. Don’t get left behind, consult a MOQdigital team member today to discuss how the Internet of Things can better your business.