How Identity is Shaping Companies

24 Sep 2019, MOQdigital

Cyber Security

MOQDIGITAL September (new size) (7)Identity and Access Management has created new ways for businesses to evolve and succeed in a modern market. With the promise of more secure, agile, and productive growth, many business leaders should be exploring how Identity is shaping companies – and how it might affect their own.

Identity as a Cornerstone

Companies should look to IAM (Identity and Access Management) as a cornerstone for their operations in a digital age. Because mobility and Cloud-based services are becoming the new normal for modern businesses, Identity forms a foundation for enabling the agile experiences expected of this new world. 

Many organisations treat Identity as an addition or a bonus to the infrastructure they already have. However, by using it as a centre point, a company can create a more secure and productive work environment – one that is essential for a successful Future Workplace. But what does actually mean?

When looking at how Identity is shaping companies, we can break the benefits down into three components: 

  • Managed and Secure Identity: IAM provides an operational service that ensures that a company’s Identity for Cloud services are secure and actively managed. This allows them to use their Identity Infrastructure appropriately and recognises the right users to seamlessly access the information they need at the right time, regardless of where they are. The result is better, more streamlined business practices and improved administration and monitoring. 

  • Single Identity Management: By enabling users to consolidate their Identity to access multiple, no-premise applications, companies enable Digital Transformation for a Future Workplace. It gives workers a more effective and productive work experience and delivers better workplace insights for business leaders. 

  • Identity Connected Architecture: Cloud application use is a key consideration for all Identity strategies – and should grow with a company as they evolve in a digital marketplace. With the right Identity infrastructure, a company can move forward in a relevant way and know that their evolution can be constructed on a solid IAM foundation. 


Starting with Identity

Once business leaders understand how Identity is shaping companies, they can then move toward ensuring that they are getting the most out of their digital investments. Organisations looking to modernise their IAM solutions need to ensure that they are finding the right services for their specific needs. This includes establishing a good Identity strategy, which includes security needs, budgets, and ongoing goals relevant to the growth of the company. 

Business leaders also need to consider their existing architecture and how users will adapt when it comes to adopting a new service. This process can be quite daunting but is also the start of a more productive, more future-ready workplace. 

If you are looking to adopt Identity solutions in your business, or want to make sure that you are making the most out of your existing architecture – get in touch with MOQdigital today