Emerging Digital Trends for Schools

23 Oct 2019, MOQdigital


MOQDIGITAL September (new size) (27)Education is evolving quickly, and emerging digital trends for schools are shaping how teachers enhance student success. However, this evolution needs to be built on awareness to succeed, and curriculums need to be able to meet the needs of a digitally-driven tomorrow. The students of today will need skills that allow them to collaborate efficiently, think creatively, problem-solve effectively, and understand how to be responsible digital citizens. 

Google for Education partnered with a team of global researchers to better understand these changes, and their evidence-based results are helping educators embrace emerging digital trends for schools – and use them for success. 

Trends Beyond Technology

When it comes to technology, there are many trends to consider. It is important to realise that trends don't always refer to specific solutions. Instead, the focus is on how Digital Transformation is shaping schools and how learning is evolving with technology. These include: 

  • Digital Responsibility: This involves helping teach responsible digital behaviour and encouraging students to develop healthy and safe relationships with technology. 

  • Life Preparation: Future Workplaces will be shaped by technology, and students require a holistic approach in education that teaches them the vocational, communication, strategic, and life skills needed to thrive beyond graduation. 

  • Computational Thinking: A curriculum that focuses on problem solving, STEM and STEAM subjects, and critical thinking will help students address the challenges of the future – especially those associated with technology in a Digitally Transformed workplace

  • Student Learning: Student-led learning gives students more agency over their education, allowing them to explore their curiosity and improve the agility associated with their learning. 

  • Collaborative Learning: Student-led learning also lends itself to improved collaboration – with teachers, parents, and other students. This openness and flexibility serve to redesign classrooms for a digitally driven age and helps connect classrooms internally, with guardians, and with educators. 

Deciding what Trends to Pursue

Emerging technologies in schools should enable innovative change and improve teaching experiences. However, many schools make the mistake of using technology to entertain rather than educate, and can often take up trends for their hype instead of their usefulness in the classroom. 

School leaders can also often think of technology as something that is student-centric, forgetting that digital trends also serve to improve administration, curriculum building, and even how a campus operates. 

This begs the question – what trend is the right trend for my school? 

The right answer will vary from school to school. Every campus has its own unique needs and will be at different points on their Digital Transformation journey. Fortunately, solutions can be tailored to every campus, and emerging digital trends for schools can be adopted at a pace that is right for students, teachers, and budgets. 

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