Dynamics 365 and Power Apps for Field Services in Aged Care

05 Dec 2019, MOQdigital


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Many health and aged care organisations are looking to processes and systems that help increase operational efficiency, improve agility, and fundamentally shift the way their work is done. The world is more mobile than ever before – and field services for aged care are becoming increasingly popular. 

Providers of aged care services know that many of their customers require in-home assistance, with needs ranging from daily activities to attending to complex health issues. Meeting this need is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerApps for field services in aged care. The service can help organisations:

  • Assign carers to customers according to their needs and skillsets
  • Check availability and manage ad-hoc changes
  • Assign duties
  • Optimise schedules and ensure the best fit allocations

Dynamics 365 and PowerApps in the Field

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 and PowerApps solutions allow aged a healthcare providers to optimise how they deliver in-field care. With tools that enable these remote carers all the information they need to provide quick, quality work anywhere, any time. The service is revolutionising how aged and healthcare is delivered.

Benefits include:

  • Optimised resources, including increased productivity and profits thanks to the ability to schedule more appointments, optimise routes and assignments and provide field carers with the complete data, history and current issues relating their clients or patient
  • Clients have the ability to schedule and book services regardless of where they are or what they are doing
  • The opportunity to exceed customer expectations and empower aged care clients with self-service portals, proactive updates, and real-time tracking
  • Removes the need for clients to go into an office to engage; care comes to them
  • Advanced analytics enabling demand management ensuring providers are able to accurately understand current demand and using advanced modelling ensure they have a scaled workforce ready to provide a personalised touch as they grow
  • Direct integration with modern IoT solutions enable the solution to collect data from environmental and localised sensors in advanced scenarios.

With increased demand for aged and health care resources Dynamics 365 and PowerApps are the answer for modern healthcare and aged care providers, they represent the way forward for improvements in the increasingly competitive care industries. Organisations looking to optimise how they deliver personalised care to their customers should consider the advantages of Microsoft Solutions and Digital Transformation. Not only can they streamline existing processes, reduce costs, and increase security – but they are a platform for revolutionised new growth within the industry.

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