How Our CSP Service Is Changing For Educational Institutions

06 Oct 2021, MOQdigital


It’s no secret that we live in a digital age that continues to rapidly change, and that the younger generations have taken to this rapid change like no generation before them. That’s exactly why our schools have embraced the capabilities of technology to improve their curriculum and provide the younger generations with more opportunities than ever before.

As a cloud solution provider, or CSP, MOQdigital has successfully worked with a number of schools across Australia to help them take the leap and transition to a cloud-based suite of operational tools. By making this transition, these schools were able to take full advantage of the unique abilities of Microsoft Azure’s suite of tools and technologies to provide their students with learning experiences that they couldn’t get anywhere else.

But just as the IT industry continues to change as new innovations are announced, so to has MOQdigital’s approach to being a CSP. As your resident team of cloud experts, we wanted to take the time to break down exactly what these changes are and how they may affect you as an educator utilising our services as a CSP.

MOQdigital As Your Cloud Solution Provider

As a cloud solution provider, MOQdigital is unique in that we act as your single point of contact between Microsoft and your organisation. Where other providers might require you to go through a number of different organisations to access different Microsoft licenses, we collate all your licenses under one roof.

This means lower costs across the board for you and your organisation, as well as simplified, flexible billing. As your direct CSP we are also able to act as your trusted IT partner in everything from the procurement of hardware and software to ongoing IT support, no matter where and how you might need it.

As an educator, we know how busy your life can be. That’s why we aim to utilise the capabilities of the cloud-based Microsoft Azure to simplify your business operations and give you more time to focus on doing what you do best: preparing the next generation for the opportunities they have ahead. And we do it all by making the process as easy-as-pie by acting as your direct CSP.

How Is CSP Changing For Educators?

We mentioned it before, but in order to keep up with the rapidly changing industry, MOQdigital has implemented a number of changes affecting educators utilising Microsoft Azure.

The first of these is the eligibility requirements for educators seeking to receive the benefits of being classified as an education user underneath Microsoft’s guidelines. The requirements for eligibility include being legally classified as an:

  • Educational institution
  • Early childhood centre
  • Entity appointed by the Australian Government to deliver skills development for its less skilled adult community
  • Admin office or Board of Education
  • Public library
  • Public museum

We have also recently changed our billing model as a CSP in order to ensure we’re able to continue offering you the great service you know and love, while maintaining the flexibility to respond to the unprecedented times we live in.

Under our new billing model, you will soon have access to 3 billing terms which come with their own unique sets of benefits and disadvantages. These 3 terms include:

  • Monthly, which can be thought of as a fully flexible airfare, but which comes with a premium in exchange for this freedom
  • Annually, which can be thought as the saver airfare
  • 36-month term, which can be thought of as a business class ticket or enterprise agreement, where you are able to lock-in the price of your Microsoft subscriptions but have to sign a 36-month commitment.

Throughout the coming months, we will be making available to all clients in our legacy subscription model the New Commerce Experience, so that we’re better able to provide you with the IT support and knowledge you need.

We understand that change can often be unnerving and can lead to uncertainty about where you stand, especially as an educator. That’s why we just wanted to reiterate that if you had any questions about any of the changes described above, or you wanted to know more about how MOQdigital can help your educational institution achieve their goals, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

A member of our team is always ready and willing to help, in any way we can.