Consultant/Contractor Data Access and Security

29 Apr 2021, MOQdigital

ettiquetteIt is without question that data access and security is one of the most important factors in any business. In today’s world, Business information is its most valuable asset. Any risk or threat to this information or data can negatively impact its operations.  Here at MOQdigital, we take security very seriously. We make sure all your staff keep their information and devices as secure as possible. Various departments have different work needs. Roles like contractors and consultants differ from others as they can be working on an external site, away from the office or on their own devices. To make sure that yourdata is secure, we recommend implementing a Citrix environment leveraged with Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). 

 The Citrix environment and Windows Virtual Desktop provides our consultants and contractors with their own separate desktop on their device to access our data. Our staff can simply log in on their own devices and access the virtual desktop to access the data they need. This environment puts a secure barrier between our data and the endpoint (whether a personal laptop or phone). This mitigates risks or compromises that are often attributed to the use of unmanaged user devices.   

 The Citrix Environment maintains the security of information by only allowing conditional access for people dependant on their role or other customisable factors. For example, the environment (if need be) can prevent copying and pasting, screen scraping, data being sent through personal emails, data being shared with people outside of the company and security of our data when not on our system. This also benefits staff using their own device as there is a clear barrier between their work data and their personal data. The Citrix environment is completely Cloud-based which can be logged in and out of. The Citrix environment and WVD paired together provide a secure access point for our staff to operate.  

 Regardless of your Data Access or Security Needs, MOQdigital can help you achieve more with your technology investment. Our experience and expertise in leveraging Citrix solutions to deliver secure virtual desktops that meet a variety of business and technical requirements means we can help you keep your data secure and let you focus on achieving your business outcomes. If you would like to learn more about Citrix, WVD or how we can assist you, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.