Constant Support with Virtual DBA Service

15 Oct 2019, MOQdigital

Service First

MOQDIGITAL September (new size) (21)Managing a database presents sticky problems for many businesses. There simply isn’t the budget or internal expertise to be fully across this complex – and essential – aspect of technology.

The new relationship between MOQdigital and WARDY IT Solutions provides a solution to this conundrum in the form of the Virtual DBA service.

Read on to get a sense of how this service is transforming what’s possible for a wide range of business needs and circumstances.

We are Living in Managed Times

This may sound sinister but it just refers to the fact that it makes so much more sense to outsource tech expertise to those who do it best – let them manage it for you.

You’d be well aware of the range of technology tools that are now offered as cloud-based services, from software (SaaS), to infrastructure (IaaS) and platform (PaaS).

Database management as a service is part of this movement, helping businesses shore up their technology so they can focus 100% on product and service delivery.

Why database management services are having their day

Databases are complex and require a hefty amount of knowledge to set up, administer and extract useful information from.

Prior to the advent of the cloud, organisations had to have database infrastructure on-site, set up the database, maintain the hardware and keep software up to date, have internal IT staff manage it and have all staff trained in how to use it.

This started to become untenable – for budgetary, management and resource reasons - just as cloud services were rising to the fore. Companies like WARDY IT Solutions were at the head of the pack, creating solutions to ease the pain of database management and capitalise on cloud technology.

How does WARDY IT Solutions Virtual DBA service fit into this?

The beauty of the Virtual DBA service provided by WARDY IT Solutions, and now in partnership with MOQdigital, is that it provides an expert who manages all the complex, technical side of databases for you, and provides constant support, so you can really get the most out of your data.

  • Get world-class SQL Server and Business Intelligence support with 24/7, year-round remote database administration
  • Eliminate ‘outage anxiety’ as early warning signs are detected and resolved before they become problems
  • Sleep peacefully knowing your 24/7 critical tasks are functioning and being monitored
  • Have a partner that can help you scale your database needs and server capabilities to match evolving workloads
  • Get a fully flexible support service suited to the specific needs of your business

Delivering with Silver Lining

Silver Chef is an Australian company providing funding solutions for the hospitality and transport and construction industries. Being in the business of financial and operational logistics, Silver Chef relies heavily on data – it must be readily available, accurate and usable for a range of purposes.

Managing data effectively in-house, as the business scaled up, would have meant having to put a whole extra person on staff.

Instead, working with WARDY IT Solutions, the company has been able to use the Virtual DBA service, confident in the knowledge that their database is available 24/7 and they have a true partner working to support them.

Food services brought up to scratch

With more than 115 distributors, food services company Countrywide was facing ongoing problems with the functioning and availability of many of their user apps – in particular, a heavily used school lunch-order app - and a lack of reliable reporting tools.

WARDY IT Solutions came on board to provide SQL Server expertise including the Virtual DBA service that proactively monitors SQL Server databases.

The changes have been truly transformative for Countrywide. Moving to the cloud has brought data into one space, providing greater accessibility and reducing tedious manual workloads. Daily health check reports provided by the Virtual DBA service are giving the team clear insights so they can continuously improve how they work.

Database reliability is now a sure thing rather than a sometimes thing and this has made a massive difference to productivity, efficiency and morale.

Sometimes solutions really are simple

Databases are complex but we are now in an era where there is incredible knowledge and expertise about how to manage and utilise them to full effect.

The real value of partnering with a provider like WARDY IT Solutions is that they make things really simple. They know their stuff so well that you can rest assured and get on with the business of running your business.

To find out more about how MOQdigital and WARDY IT Solutions can assist in helping your business make more informed decisions with data, get in touch with MOQdigital today.