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27 Jun 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

Internet of Things

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Integrated Health puts an emphasis on data that can be shared to enable greater patient-centric care.  

With easy application and configuration, MySherpa could be utilised across the healthcare sector to facilitate the provision of information crucial to improving health and wellness on a personal and professional level. 

Integrated Healthcare with MySherpa 
MySherpa fits easily into the integrated health system and can be used to improve the way patients receive and interact with their medical care by providing non-intrusive monitoring of location, heart rate, skin temperature and UV exposure; facilitating more open collaboration between practitioners and patients. This information can then be made accessible to the relevant parties, be they medical, family, or the patient themselves, keeping everyone informed and giving the patient the power to direct how they receive care from each of their care providers.   

MySherpa has a variety of applications, including:  
-    Aged care facilities 
-    Hospital care 
-    Recovery and rehabilitation services 
-    In-Home Care 

Provisions for patients and practitioners
MySherpa could be further extended to overlay data from patient records, research, scientific evidence, care plans, pharmaceutical information, and much more to relevant parties. Further enabling patients to receive more appropriate, focused care thanks to clearer information and data that can be accessed between providers.
Also, developments in wearable technology and in-home services, MySherpa can also monitor patient care in real-time. This is especially useful for aged care sectors where patients seek to remain independent but who also require a specialist level of attention and insight. MySherpa can offer these patients, and their providers, with real-time access to care, assistance and knowledge – each of which is integral to improving the delivery of healthcare and the quality with which it is received.   

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