Cloud Adoption Accelerates Modernisation

10 Dec 2019, MOQdigital

Journey to the Cloud

Copy of MOQDIGITAL NOVEMBER (9)Cloud Computing has been rapidly adopted by companies around the world, with cloud-specific spending expected to grow at six times the rate of general IT spending through 2020. These numbers, reported by McKinsey and Company, also suggest how Cloud adoption accelerates modernisation and Digital Transformation for Future Workplaces around the world.

An Aspect of Transformation

When it comes to adopting the Cloud, some companies are still struggling to get the full value of their Journey. The first thing for these companies to realise is that cloud adoption does not have to occur all at once, nor does it have to follow the same trends as other companies. One of the ways how cloud adoption accelerates modernisation is by allowing businesses to adopt the services they need – and tailor solutions that will benefit their growth goals. 

Many companies confuse moving IT systems into the Cloud with Digital Transformation when a Journey to The Cloud is just part of a Digital Transformation strategy. 

Navigating Cloud Adoption

True value with cloud adoption comes from approaching it as part of a Digital Transformation. Two issues occur when companies fail to do this:

  • Existing business applications, many of which were built around traditional IT solutions, cannot magically adopt cloud features by being moved there. 

  • The skills needed to make the most of a cloud environment do not exist or are not readily available in IT teams. This is especially apparent in security where traditional IT strategies are not up to the task of facing modern, digital threats. 

So, how do companies successfully navigate a Cloud Adoption that accelerates modernisation? Those businesses who have found success with The Cloud are those who replace existing business applications and solutions and allow their Digital Transformation and Future Workplace Strategies to help them mature appropriately in a digital age. 

This might include automating manual business processes and streamlining existing processes, freeing up IT departments and employees to focus on improving productivity and efficiency throughout the workplace. Once this has been established, a company can add to their Cloud Journey and begin adopting more systems and solutions to suit their growth needs. Adopting the Cloud is a massive enabler when it comes to productivity and efficiency, allowing companies to: 

  • Reduce overheads
  • Scale IT processes as needed
  • Optimise IT asset usage
  • Increase corporate agility
  • Improve service

These benefits require more than a lift-and-shift approach. How cloud adoption accelerates modernisation is by becoming part of a good Digital Transformation strategy.

Your Cloud Journey

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