Top reasons Collaborative Technologies can help you to grow and innovate your business

22 Aug 2016, MOQdigital Marketing

Future Workplace

Collaborative technologyBusinesses are always on the look out... or should always be on the lookout for new technologies to enable their workforce to collaborate and work smarter. Businesses want to do more with less time. Work faster, smarter and more productively. Achieving this goal requires embedding collaborative technologies into business processes that empower staff with the necessary tools to communicate with coworkers and customers.

We live in an increasingly mobile world and creating collaborative “Think Tanks” for employees to share knowledge and communicate is becoming increasingly important to help employees to talk about their work. People are also more social than ever, especially since the emergence of social media. Social media has enabled us to collaborate in our personal lives and we expect the same in the work place.

There is no lack of collaborative technologies in the marketplace but figuring out which one is right for your organisation can be a challenge. Web technologies are also maturing but interoperability remains a challenge. Organisations must look for the technology that will best improve the efficiency of their team and ensure increased productivity. 

Top Reasons to use collaborative technologies:

  1. Greater Productivity
  2. Faster Results
  3. Social Interaction
  4. Enables the Mobile Workforce – One Company
  5. Traditional Conferences are a thing of the past – Full immersive collaborative spaces – High Quality feature rich conferences with a true lifelike experience.

MOQdigital believes that enterprises are making collaboration a strategic initiative by refactoring workspaces beyond traditional conference rooms, and rapidly expanding mobility solutions to promote productivity wherever people are and whenever they prefer.

New technologies are breaking down the barriers of cross-vendor conferencing with the likes of Cisco’s Meeting Server (formerly Acano) and Polycom’s RealPresence Clariti, which empowers the workforce to collaborate, regardless of their endpoint specifics.

Leaders in Collaborative Technologies that MOQdigital partners with include:

  • Cisco
  • Microsoft
  • Polycom