Managed Services is all about Trust

14 Apr 2016, MOQdigital

End User Experience

Managed Services TrustThe world is talking about digital business, innovation and disruption. Right now, it’s human beings - real people with hopes and dreams, ideas agendas - calling the shots. For how long this will continue is a hot topic, especially in light of advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), but the simple fact is; People, not technology, have to make the decisions. In many cases, we have a long way to go leading with human centric thinking, with a tendency to rely instead on more tangible, predictable things like process and technology.

So how do we start to make the shift? IT Managed Services offer the promise of engaging a partner to provide support to your organisation, enabling you to use technology better,  or faster,  or cheaper - or hopefully all of the above. But how many partners out there are approaching from a User Experience perspective, and how many recognise the value of doing so?

One of the primary drivers of Managed Services at MOQdigital is to deliver on User Experience so our customers can focus on providing business value and innovation to keep up with the demands of their own business. As IT teams grapple with digital business, they need to know that they are not selling out on the User Experience at the coalface when they choose a partner.

At MOQdigital, we understand that the User Experience on everyday support cannot suffer while IT shifts its focus to business enablement.

So why are the technology and process elements still focused on, with cultural and people alignment receiving a cursory mention or afterthought? The business case has to stack up and it’s hard to measure cltural and people alignment. Of course there are requirements and criteria, but in the end, it’s really about trust. The real question to ask is – ‘Do I trust that my Managed Services Provider is on the same page, in the same boat, and rowing in the same direction; and is the price right?’

MOQdigital looks at your whole business, your short and long term goals, and what you are hoping to achieve from technology, but we never lose sight of the lasting impression calling a Service Desk can leave. We understand the need for technical excellence, we pride ourselves on our expertise and experience, but we recognise that legendary customer service and awesome user experience are key pillars to a strong partnership.

Talk to MOQdigital today, we would love to hear how we can support your business and share some of our stories with you.