Business Value and Managed Services

25 Apr 2019, MOQdigital Marketing

Service First

Copy of MOQdigital Jan - Mar II (39)One thing many business leaders worry about is whether or not their services and investments and providing them with business value. To understand this, it is important first to decide what value is – and what it means to an organisation. Value is not price, even if money is part of the equation. It is better to think of value as the benefits associated with an investment. For example, when it comes to managed services, the benefit of investing in a good service desk outweighs the cost and time implementing it. However, if the managed service outweighs the time and cost – then the provider is not bringing appropriate business value to a company.

Understanding the value of Managed Services

For those already engaged with a managed service provider, it is essential to examine what value you are getting from the service – and how to make the most of it. Outsourced operations used to be a big trend in IT, but over time companies began to undertake service tasks themselves. The problem with this is that most of the people handling this service had no first-hand knowledge of the business, and could not engage with customers and complaints. A digital market and a forward-thinking era have shifted this trend one more, with in-house IT staff utilising service desks to streamline their service and allow them to focus on business-critical tasks. This ensures a return of value to a business by enabling employees to do what they were hired to do.

A good service provider will have a comprehensive understanding of a company’s goals and will be an active, engaged part of their business. At MOQdigital, we do this by providing a Service First approach to Operational IT services. We augment existing teams or assume ownership and responsibility to help companies to overcome the challenges associated with supporting a digital environment. This includes:

  • Utilising managed end-user services: We provide broadly skilled, 24/7 global availability and named resources to deliver service desk, endpoint management, and field services.
  • Managed Cloud and Infrastructure Services: We provide specialist problem resolution experts for specific technology stack and management of select systems or complete cover and ownership.
  • Managed Security and Response Services: We provide SEIM and SOC as-a-Service, and a range of vulnerability and penetration testing and ISO27001 security audits and incident response services.

Features like these help bring value to a business by ensuring that their operations are streamlined, secure, and relevant for a modern marketplace. By deploying a good service desk provider, customers also get faster and better access to the information they need, and IT teams and employees are freed from the repetitive issues associated with an ever-evolving digital market.

Finding the right service for you

If you are worried that you aren’t getting the most out of your managed service investment, or are concerned that you will invest with the wrong provider – contact MOQdigital today. Our experts can help you discover the right approach and help you get the most value from your Service First solutions.