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25 Oct 2016, MOQdigital Marketing

Business Insights

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Business Insights: A Suite of Business Intelligence & Analytics Capabilities – Getting the right information, to the right people, at the right time.



The simple fact is – Informed businesses make better decisions. In order to improve operational visibility and situational awareness, business decision makers require accurate information that is easily consumed and able to be quickly acted upon. Increasing this business insight ensures that the right decisions can be made at the right time, and can enable businesses to transform and improve by making evidence-based decisions and data-driven investments.

The need to leverage data is becoming increasingly important

The way businesses are leveraging their data has rapidly changed in recent time, due to some significant paradigm shifts, most notably:

  1. Gartner’s vision of bimodal IT has changed the way reports are delivered and consumed, and how insight from these is created. More businesses are enabling knowledge workers to access data and report on it themselves (via a self-service delivery model), rather than relying on IT departments to produce reports. This has meant that BI tools have had to rapidly become more intuitive, dynamic, and flexible.
  2. The availability of very large or complex data sets (Big Data) is now a reality. Many organisations have a robust data strategy collecting and storing vast amounts of data which mean these very large data sets are available to support decision making.
  3. The compute power provided by cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure means that you can now do more with your data. Everything from self-service reporting in Power BI all the way up to predictive analysis as a service in the Cortana Analytics suite.

What is business insights?

MOQdigital has developed Business Insights, a fully flexible and customizable suite of BI & Analytics services and capabilities to support your businesses specific strategic and operational decision-making needs. With Business Insights MOQdigital provides your business the information decision makers need to take action.

Why Business Insights?

Having a strong Business Intelligence and Analytics capability allows an organisation to make informed decisions, based on data gathered from within the business, as well as data collected from external sources. It can give the following advantages:

  • Data-driven decision-making capability: Use your business’ data to make objective, informed decisions by embedding a mature BI and analytics capability into strategic and operational functions
  • Data Discovery and Insight – Quickly identify trends and performance through easy to understand and consume visualisations. Drill down to discover deep insights about your data and make better decisions faster.
  • Democratisation of Data – Business Insights allows the whole business to analyse trends and discover insights through a modern and intuitive self-service capability (in accordance with data governance controls and standards), allowing critical business information to be readily available and easily consumed
  • Real time analysis of business events – Immediately see the outcome of business decisions, and change direction based on factual evidence to ensure the best distribution of resources.
  • Greater collaboration and sharing – Create dashboards and easily (and securely) share them with colleagues and other stakeholders.
  • Predictive analysis – As important as it is to look back and reflect on historical analysis to identify improvement activities, predictive analytics can assist in operational tasks and strategic planning by enabling the business to make predictions and forecasts on future activities and events. Take the step into advanced analytics and let your data help you make predictions about what will happen in the future.
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