Business Continuity Planning goes beyond Disaster Recovery

07 Feb 2019, MOQdigital Marketing

Business Continuity Planning

14 Feb7 BCP DRaaS

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is essential to the survival of businesses in a security and threat saturated market. New data breaches are occurring every day, malware, viruses, worms, and more that can cripple a company, hold it hostage, and cause significant catastrophe. A single data breach could cost a business millions, not to mention lost time, customer loyalty, and the effort associated with rebuilding what may have been lost. This doesn’t even consider fines under the NDB and GDPR. For these reasons, many world-class businesses are incorporating BCP strategies and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) into their security models.

However, it would be a mistake to assume that BCP is just a disaster recovery solution. In fact, Business Continuity goes beyond dealing with an emergency event or data breach, and is not solely involved with recovering what is lost should a catastrophe occur. A good continuity plan will go beyond dealing with an emergency, and take into account what companies can do to prepare for an event, examine existing and potential vulnerabilities, and acknowledge what is required to keep a company running, or get it up and running as soon as possible, in the event of a breach. Continuity is not just about the point of disruption; it is about preparing for a breach and minimising it, allowing a business to resume operations as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. This can be done by delivering solutions that:

  • Improve company confidence by developing a plan that holds business leaders accountable for ongoing security and that is prepared to face the challenges of an ever-evolving modern market.
  • Ensure employees can continue their work during or soon after a disaster – including natural disasters. This might involve deploying cloud and IoT solutions for anywhere, anytime access to work-critical data.
  • Help mitigate financial risk by establishing more resilient networks with effective backup and security procedures in place.
  • Accounts for brand image and customer, staff, and supplier loyalty, building confidence among the people who help ensure a company remains up, running, and growing.
  • Enables the recovery of critical systems in a quick and efficient matter
  • Ensures ongoing compliance under relevant regulations thanks to the adoption of business continuity standards and industry mandates. A good BCP will ensure that a company holds high standards of responsibility – and can prove them to the stakeholders.
  • Creates a more resilient company. Those businesses who engage with BCP experience improve resilience across their everyday tasks because their BCP solutions strengthens their operations. The result is better adaption, improved processes, greater communication, and a better understanding of their infrastructure.
  • Delivers insights into data. BCP produces a lot of data about critical business units, tasks, recovery times, finances, possible impacts, vulnerabilities, and more. Companies with an effective BCP strategy obtain the benefits from this, allowing them to run their operations with greater transparency and reduced risk.

With these benefits, we must not misunderstand the importance of DRaaS. A disaster recovery plan is a critical part of a company’s IT infrastructure and BCP process – especially as more companies come to rely heavily on IT infrastructure for their operations and growth. They also enable greater compliance and risk mitigation from events that occur beyond what a company can control. It also allows an effective means to respond to threats, and to be prepared for them. Business Continuity Planning, however, involves more than just recovery. It gives business leaders a competitive advantage that they can leverage for growth and success. There are also multiple solutions that companies can pursue, helping them discover a BCP and DRaaS strategy that suits their budget, existing infrastructure, and future goals. Find out more with MOQdigital today.