Building SaaS Backup: What Matters?

07 Jul 2021, MOQdigital

Cyber Security, End User Experience, Applications


In the IT industry, some companies attach themselves to the term ‘Cloud’ to explain their value to customers, some with more success and relevance than others. Whatever each provider offers, there’s only one right cloud architecture and back up solution, and that’s a customer-centric one. When weighing options between various providers and solutions for your needs, you should go with providers that offer you your choice of what Cloud, where the data should be stored and how you want to manage your data. When it comes to backing up this architecture, there are 2 questions you should always be asking when choosing a provider.  

Is it built with my interest at heart? 

Delivering on what you need and want is all that matters when talking about SaaS architecture. You need to ask, is it easy to get started and use? Does it provide me (not the vendor) with the scale and performance I need, or will I have to switch solutions someday? Does it give me peace of mind with strong encryption, air-gapping capabilities and security built-in? Will it cut down on manual work and increase efficiency gains? How quickly can I get my data back, restore my business operations and protect my organisation’s revenue and reputation? How can I keep my solution as flexible as my business needs are? Those are the questions that really matter – not “how does the cloud help my backup vendor run their business.” 

Your chosen provider’s focus should be on building the best possible customer experience, and their BC/DR solutions are designed specifically with our customers in mind. In most of these cases, their years of experience in how most IT customers operate allowed them to streamline configuration of the products, while providing the flexibility and best practices to help their customers: 

  1. Your chosen backup solution should allow you to store your data outside the said solution, while also providing you the option to integrate your data within your backup.  
  2. Do you need to store a copy of your backups on site and control what moves to your Cloud for long term/off site retention? Your solution should allow for this flexibility while still providing rapid recovery capabilities. A limited cache is a poor substitute for a real copy under your control.  
  3. Are you heavily invested in Office 365 and other SaaS services such as CRM, and require endpoint protection? The best solutions include unlimited storage, as most customers what this included by default.  
  4. Most importantly, your provider should offer you your Backup Infrastructure as a SaaS. This allows them to provide you with in-product support and automatic updates, as they can help you manage your backup infrastructure.  

Is it built for the future? 

You want to know that your backup solution you buy today will work for you tomorrow as you grow and your business adapts to transactions such as mergers and acquisitions. The conversation around your cloud architecture matters when talking about how to rapidly deliver industry-leading data protection capabilities in a SaaS model you can trust: 

  1. Your chosen option should be built as a cloud-native solution, enabling you to leverage the features of cloud technologies like containers, serverless services, blobs, tables, queues, and more to rapidly build a scale-out service.  
  2. Your solution provider should have a treasure-chest of proven, enterprise-grade technology to leverage and expand your capabilities over time. This allows you to achieve real value your solutions’s performance and will allow your backup infrastructure to grow with your needs while maintaining simple, predictible costs over time.  
  3. The combination of cloud-native architecture and leveraging secure technology allows you to quickly achieve security certifications, validating your provider’s processes and procedures to help safeguard your data. 
  4. Especially given recent events, your chosen option should include contingencies and measures to combat malicious attacks on your data like ransomware, a prevalent global extorsion method in today’s technology landscape by leveraging built-in security capabilities. 


Choosing MOQdigital as your Backup SaaS provider 

Losing critical data is a nightmare for organisations, especially when data is fuelling so many of your operations. Coming up with a robust SaaS backup strategy will help you be better prepared for the unexpected and using the right data recovery solution will help you stay safe and secure. If you require aid in choosing the right BC/DR tool for your environment, MOQdigital’s Consultants have combined decades of experience in BC/DR solutions and can help you ask the right questions and make sense of the many options available to you. Following that, our Cloud engineers can help you complete the design and implementation of your Backup Solution. We would be happy to begin a conversation with you on your next steps to planning a comprehensive Backup Strategy. 

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