Building Momentum in 2021 - Virtual Teams

27 Jan 2021, MOQdigital

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2020 has been a tumultuous year for the workforce, disrupting the traditional paradigm of a physical office space as the sole location for work. As more organisations transition to a virtual or hybrid workforce, the need for effective Virtual Team Management has increased. To accommodate this need, there are several aspects organisations must consider. 

Managing your team virtually can be hard when you cannot see them. An employee’s productivity no longer needs to be gauged from the office. We rely on the technology behind a status update to say if we are busy or away. How do we make sure that our team members are being productive? Ensure that your staff are able to hold themselves accountable; set clear expectations for each role and schedule regular check ins to gauge progress. It is unrealistic to expect that everyone works the same way, but having a general understanding of how people work and how long tasks take provides accountability for tasks. You should also set up supportive structures such as encouraging staff to work only the house they need, and to encourage them to take leave regularly.  

Another aspect to consider is the connection and communication on collaboration platforms themselvesIn such a virtual environment, it is easy to hide behind the laptop and build boundaries between you and your team members. It is vital to check in with team members and there are multiple ways to break down boundaries and connect. Instead of an audio only meeting, turn the video on and have a face-to-face conversation. Suggest a socially distanced physical meeting instead of a virtual one or pick up your phone and give team members a random call to check in and say hello. By connecting with your team members, it builds trust and a healthy relationship 

Working remotely allows people to be flexible with their workhours and workloads, which in turn means that people are online answering emails and IMs more than usual. Are we communicating too much, or not enough? How do we answer that and how do we find a happy medium? Consider your workday and how you structure your day. Are you checking your emails every minute when you are away from your laptop? Are you looking at your emails when you lie in bed to make sure you have not missed anything? It is important that we have structure in our day and that we manage our virtual teams effectively 

To help organisations effectively manage their teams, MOQdigital offers a Virtual Team Model that l allows your organisation’s staff to log off on schedule times and leave the rest of the stress behind with our dedicated support teams, who work 24/7 to manage your systems and processes so you do not have to. The Virtual Team Model simplifies the otherwise onerous tasks and barriers of setting up, deploying, and managing offshore resources. We can also assist with the oversight, skills mentoring, and project management. 

Under this Model, MOQdigital can help you by: 

  • Assisting in recruiting staff
  • Building and assisting your team with their operations 
  • Provisioning of available office Desk Spaces
  • Managing PC and telephony capabilities 
  • Managing HR related services such as staff management, payroll and welfare 

 This model is designed to provide you with full control of your operations, while granting access to skilled offshore resources in a simple and cost-effective engagement which does not require a high initial investment or the risks that are associated with it. It allows businesses to set up their teams from the ground up, incorporating the required components and skills to that team, which you control and operate with the assistance of MOQdigital. 

If the MOQdigital Team Model sounds like something you are interested in or would like to know more about, please reach out to us here and we will get in contact with you to discuss your next steps.