Benefits of a Modern Desktop Transformation

23 Jul 2020, MOQdigital

Future Workplace

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Does your workforce operate remotely and need devices managed? 

Traditional approaches to managing, delivering and securing data and applications no longer meet the demands of today's mobile workforce, highlighted and amplified by the abrupt changes to working brought on by COVID-19. Custom desktop images have historically been a complicated affair requiring a significant time commitment to create, deploy and maintain. Modern Desktop Transformation can take away these pain points and offer many other advantages, but how?   

That’s where MOQdigital can assist, leveraging Microsoft Autopilot and Intune to provide you with a tailored solution to meet your needs. The Modern Desktop uses the time and effort that Microsoft and hardware vendors put in to developing Windows 10 supported devices by transforming their baseline to match you organisations requirements with custom settings and applications, without the need to physically build, maintain, and apply custom operating system images to every device.  


Perhaps the most notable benefit of adopting a Modern Desktop is that the process can be done remotely. With devices registered with AutoPilot, all that needs to be done is have a new or reset Windows 10 device sent to a user, have them turn it on, connect to the internet, enter their corporate credentials (Azure AD) and answer a few very simple questions. The device is then automatically joined to Azure AD and enrolled in Intune so that configurations, policies and applications can be delivered, no matter where that user is working from. IT no longer has to maintain images and drivers, nor do they even need to touch the device before it is given to the user. If there is the need to rebuild a device whilst remote, IT or the user can initiate a “reset” which will force the device back to a clean state and start the AutoPilot and Intune provisioning process once again.  


How does this help your staff? It makes the process much simpler and efficient for everyone. IT don’t have to spend days and weeks managing images, updating driver packages and building machines. Users simply unbox the device, turn it on, connect to the internet and log in. No waiting for the IT team to set everything up and it works wherever they are, around the world. If you are interested in learning more about how MOQdigital can help you with your Modern Desktop Transformation journey, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.