Backup-as-a-Service for Hail and High-water

25 Jul 2019, MOQdigital

Business Continuity Planning

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Backup solutions are important for all companies operating in a digital age, allowing them to stay operational no matter what happens. In fact, many businesses use Backup-as-a-Service for Hail and High-water situations; a saving grace that protects them regardless of the circumstance. From flood events destroying hardware to storms knocking out the internet, and natural disasters affecting how and when people get to work; Backup-as-a-Service helps ensure that companies can continue to operate in rain, hail, and high water – literally.

What is it?

Backup as-a-Service (Baas) is a complete end-to-end solution that assists businesses to protect critical data, comply with internal and external regulatory requirements, and simplify data backup and recovery processes. 

When a disaster or emergency occurs - a hail or high-water situation - data can be restored on a separate medium and not just on primary storage – allowing businesses to recover, restore, and protect their data no matter what. This not only helps ensure company insights are protected but also means business leaders don’t have to spend extra time or money trying to restore and restructure damaged or lost systems.

Cloud Tiering

A Cloud Oriented Backup solution provides companies with agility when on-premises equipment fails ore reaches capacity. It ensures that a company does not run out of storage, and avoids the problems associated with backing-up data to traditional equipment. The Cloud also offers significant scalability, meaning businesses adjust to real-world growth in real-time – even in the event of a disaster.

Time and Money

As-a-Service solutions aim to help companies make the most of their on-site IT teams. By outsourcing backup services, and other services that aren’t part of a company’s mission statement, business leaders can focus their initiatives on achieving long and short term success. Outsourcing a backup service also gives a company time to leverage their digital assets while operating with the peace of mind that their important insights are protected and available no matter what happens.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (DRaaS) compliments BaaS by assisting organisations to facilitate system restoration following an outage or disaster event, while reducing the cost and complexity associated with traditional Disaster Recovery solutions. DRaaS is designed to minimise the cost and complexity of facilitating Disaster Recovery, and can be utilised alongside BaaS to ensure ongoing, meaningful support for companies operating in a digital environment. 

Stay Operational

If you have questions about how to protect your business no matter what happens, or just want to know how to move forward on your Digital Transformation journey, contact MOQdigital today. 

We can help you implement Backup-as-a-Service for Hail and High-water - and help you weather any storm that might come your way.