The Benefits Of Azure Lighthouse For Business Owners & Managers

10 Nov 2021, MOQdigital

Microsoft Azure

AdobeStock_297102052It’s no secret that, in today’s digital age, most businesses or organisations have an IT ecosystem that spans multiple applications – especially when you consider those cloud-based tools that are housed within Microsoft Azure.

 With an ever-growing list of services and applications to manage and limited time in which to do so, how do you as a business owner or IT Operations Manager know that your IT ecosystem is secured and optimised to continue supporting you as you work towards achieving your goals? 

 Enter: Azure Lighthouse. 

 Azure Lighthouse is a complete management solution rolled out across the Microsoft Azure platform, enabling scalability, higher automation, and enhanced governance across all Azure resources. 

 Azure Lighthouse can be offered by your Managed Service Provider (or MSP), to help you manage vendor access and user permissions at both a macro and micro level. 

 And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! 

Intrigued? Keep reading for MOQdigital’s take on the benefits of Azure Lighthouse for business owners and IT Operations Managers. 


The Benefits of Azure Lighthouse 

Azure Lighthouse is a digital management tool accessible through the Azure Portal.  You can request access to it from your MSP in order to help you stay on top of your Azure ecosystem. 

For business owners and IT Operations Managers, Azure Lighthouse has a number of benefits, including: 

  • Providing complete transparency into who is accessing the resources in your Azure environment and what actions they are taking, so you can be on top of any cyber security risks that may present themselves 
  • Facilitating a secure and transparent relationship between you and your MSP 
  • Giving you access to on-demand auditing and activity logs to ensure you’re across all service provider actions 
  • Instantly being able to see which applications are being accessed, by whom and when, giving you greater insight into how to best allocate your resources 
  • Reducing your Azure AD licencing costs and aged account management overhead 
  • Taking the uncertainty out of guest access, as with proper user account management and governance though Azure Lighthouse you’ll always know what any guests on your network are doing 
  • Providing unparalleled insight into the IT operations of your business with regular access reports

Azure Lighthouse also enables you to implement Role Based Access Control, or RBAC, across your Azure landscape. Staying true to its name, RBAC allows you to manage who is able to access your ecosystem and what they are allowed to interact with within it on a granular level. 

With RBAC implemented, you’ll be able to limit permissions for Service Provider employees to strictly those resources relevant to their role. You can then take your security one step further and limit where employees are able to access your network from and which areas of your Azure ecosystem they can see, ensuring that your Azure landscape is only being accessed from secure locations. 

Together, this means that you can rest easy knowing that your suite of programs and infrastructure is only accessible by those who should be allowed and your business or organisation has an added layer of protection against cyber security threats. 

Ready to harness the benefits of Azure Lighthouse for yourself? 

If you’re looking for streamlined control over your entire Azure landscape on a granular level and greater insight into how you can secure your IT ecosystem from cyber security risk, Azure Lighthouse was made for you. 

All you have to do to get started utilising the benefits of Azure Lighthouse for yourself is to ask your MSP to implement it for your IT ecosystem. 

MOQdigital offers Azure Lighthouse to all our managed service customers, and in addition,  as a standard part of enhanced security with professional services engagements. 

If you’re ready to engage with a progressive IT partner dedicated to providing peace-of-mind without compromising on security as we work together to simplify and optimise your Azure landscape, MOQdigital is here to help. 

Go on, ask for Azure Lighthouse today!

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