Are you cloud ready?

01 Jun 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

Journey to the Cloud

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Cloud-based strategies offer businesses with significant improvements to their infrastructure based alternatives. A platform that allows for any time, any device accessibility to software and data, the Cloud allows you to find the best means of implementation and management for your business services and workloads. Enabling your team and clients to collaborate in real time, across multiple devices is an excellent way to step up and step forward in business. However, it pays to be cautious, and there are a few things to consider before launching your entire business to the Cloud. You and your business need to understand and appreciate the pros and cons of the shift, and know how best to adopt the Cloud.

Multiple opportunities to improve value

The Cloud can perform many roles for your business. From data storage to the hosting of applications, servers, and services, there are a multitude of cloud integration possibilities. You have likely heard about the success of storage and server shifts, simplified management, better teamwork, greater communication, operational ease, and a reduction in costs. These things are possible with the Cloud, and they become truly successful with correct cloud integration and management. This comes with a better understanding of your business and what it needs to thrive and grow not only in a modern market but also while operating off modern technology.

Find your high reward cases

All good things come with effort, and moving to the Cloud is no different. One of the benefits of making the shift to the Cloud is that you do not have to integrate or move everything at once. A low-risk way of doing this is to identify your high-reward areas and use them for initial deployments and active testing grounds.

Another is by using the Cloud in a hybrid configuration, straddling both your local servers and operations and your services within the cloud. This approach provides small businesses with the opportunity to reap the benefits of cloud management, maintenance and scalability, allowing them to choose and tailor services for the parts of their business that run best through the cloud without forcing them to make a complete shift. The Cloud is not a fixed piece of software and learning what parts of it can be utilised to better your business without creating unnecessary risks is key to operational success.

Making the move with MOQdigital

Making the shift one step at a time is a more considered, secure way to keep your business and operations moving in the direction you want. The best moves are made with professional help, and MOQdigital are experts in their field.

When considering the cloud, consider MOQdigital as the stepping stones to your operational success.

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