Applications of IoT in business

11 Jul 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

Internet of Things

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Thanks to advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses are more viable and actionable than ever.  Integrated IoT devices are paving the way for the collection of more and more actionable data, providing organisations with in-depth metrics that can predict consumer behaviours, help employees streamline their workload, and enable you to focus on the parts of your business that matter most.   

Companies who adopt IoT applications are improving their bottom line by:  

  • Reducing operating costs 
  • Increasing Productivity  
  • Providing the opportunity to explore new platforms and developments 

IoT can be utilised in both small and large business as the applications are flexible enough to provide tailored operational success for a multitude of platforms. This can be as simple as utilising smart locks to increase physical security on site, to greater internal management and tracking, and even employing wearable technology to improve asset safety. Businesses can utilise smart fleets for more efficient shipping, or even track the real-time health of in-care patients. The uses for IoT are countless, and the application of IoT projects allows businesses to become more actionable, strategic, more profitable than before.  

Smart Companies 

Smart companies are businesses who are using IoT to improve their short and long-term operational success. This could apply the application of IoT projects to monitor and collect actionable data on consumer usage, acquisitions, input, output, and real-time behaviours. From here, a company can uncover what they are doing right, get ahead of problems, and pursue avenues for improvement. IoT projects can reveal shortcomings and offer data for corrections, allowing lower operating costs, improved work times, and reduced workloads so that business efforts can be more productive 

Smart Security 

Beyond the use case of using IoT to improve operations within an organisation, a business might also seek to use the system to enhance their security. With remote control for on-site areas, scan cards, mobile applications, and system updates, IoT projects can be applied to improve the safety of every business. IoT developments can also notify a business of systems breaches and potential Cyber Security threats, providing real-time insight ensure that attacks are dealt with in a timely fashion. System analysis and diagnostics can also be run remotely and on a regular schedule, keeping a business secure and reducing the risk of Cyber threats.   

Wearable IoT devices can also be used to improve the safety of assets. With improved monitoring and increased communication, they can help increase security and ensure that your employees are safe while working both in and out of the office. 

Smart Management 

IoT is capable of revolutionising how businesses operate, and increased connectivity has a profound effect on how companies develop now and in the future. Understanding how to use IoT in your business is vital to success.

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