Addressing Current Concerns: Australian Cyber Attack 2020

23 Jun 2020, MOQdigital

Business Insights

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The recent announcements from the Australian Prime Minister regarding the cybersecurity attacks targeting Australian governments and companies is a good reminder that the IT security of a company must be ready and capable of defending against attacks at any time.


According to experts within the technology industry, this attack is primarily targeting public facing infrastructure in web server and remote access technologies which are commonly used by the remote workforce during this current COVID-19 related period. Should these primary attacks fail, subsequent attempts to compromise security will target a user’s identity and private information through malicious emails, phishing attacks and click-through URLs.  


These attacks are referred to as ‘Copy-Paste Compromises’ due to the re-use of code from publicly available locations, including open source repositories. The ‘defence-in-depth’ adage provides direction on limiting public facing services, patching of environments, and protecting user devices and identities. It is a timely reminder of the requirements of security teams within organisations to maintain both infrastructure and user security in a world where hybrid deployments between on-premises and cloud-based solutions are common. 


This attack emphasises the importance of IT related security to businesses and institutions in order to maintain and continue their daily operations. To that end, MOQdigital provides several services which can assist with the maintenance, monitoring and development of security solutions within an organisation. Along with our partnerships with leading technology providers like Microsoft, Cisco, and Palo Alto to provide security solutions, our Managed Services and Security Operations Center (SOC) teams regularly maintain and monitor environments for the regular attacks on an organisations environment. These are complemented with services which develop and improve the overall security of an environment.  


At MOQdigital, we have recently begun running security workshops focusing on how to protect information, devices and users within a Microsoft environment. Many of these items will help prevent attacks like those currently targeting Australia. Click the link below to book your workshop.  

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