Countrywide is Australia’s largest group of independently owned wholesale Distributors in the foodservice industry, delivering goods to a variety of foodservice outlets. Their Distributors service all establishments and outlets where food is consumed outside the home. Your local Countrywide Distributor is your one stop shop for all your foodservice needs including Chilled, Frozen, Pantry, Beverage, Paper, Packaging and Cleaning products.  

Countrywide has gone from strength to strength and vastly grown over the years to be the largest Foodservice group in Australia today, made possible with the help of their National Support Office, Members (our Distributors) and Supply Partners. Countrywide has over 115 Distributors across Australia servicing a wide variety of food service operators.


Business Challenge

As Australia’s largest food services distributor with more than 115 distributors in its network, Countrywide needed their technology to work as rapidly, accurately and intuitively as today’s tech-savvy customers expect. 

However, the customers and business groups that Countrywide were servicing, including bakeries, pubs, clubs, schools and aged care, noticed that their member-based apps were way too slow. Additionally, the system didn’t have the reporting tools that distributors needed to be across everyday issues, and Countrywide’s business systems were managed by a combination of an in-house team, as well as a third-party hosting company. 

When the lunch-order app Munch Monitor that allows schools to offer parents and students online canteen ordering, ‘kept crashing when orders were placed’, Countrywide’s IT Manager Ali Badr knew it was time to bring in external help. 

“Our existing service provider was a third-party app provider team – skilled with apps, but not with SQL Server,” he says. “I could have looked into the SQL issues myself, but I was already time-poor dealing with other problems.” 


With Countrywide’s existing service provider relieved that specialist SQL skills were coming in, Ali signed up for MOQdigital’s Virtual DBA service. 

The Virtual DBA service proactively monitors SQL Server databases, reporting any issues and potential impacts on a company’s SQL Server environment. The team of DBAs who underpin the service provide recommendations to address the issues or directly fix them depending on the support model request by the client. 

“We couldn’t believe how easily issues were resolved by MOQdigital, providing SQL Server support with the Virtual DBA service,” says Ali. 

Countrywide have found the daily health check reports provided by the Virtual DBA team essential in improving the way they work. MOQdigital also helped Countrywide move everything over to one cloud, something that had been swallowing large amounts of Ali’s time for the last four years. Up until then, there had been numerous data issues with SQL Server, due to the three different locations. 


A lunch-order application that continually crashed was just one issue that convinced food service distributor Countrywide they needed an IT partner with SQL Server experience who could help them manage the moving parts of their business quickly and efficiently. This included monitoring orders, stock levels, invoices and compliance.  

They found the perfect solution in the shape of MOQdigital’s Virtual DBA service which has helped Countrywide step up and gain control of their data, as well as deliver exceptional customer service to their clients. 

MOQdigital Expertise


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