In 2016 TOGA Group acquired the Rendezvous Hotel Group, expanding their global reach. TOGA attributes over 50 years of success to their attention to detail, leadership, integrity, innovation, humility, and passion, with the company currently standing as a leading global hotel operator in Australia, NZ and Europe.



TOGA Group’s primary challenge revolved around their need to deliver smooth guest experiences on a global scale. With acquisition of the Rendezvous Hotel Group in 2016 bringing significant challenges associated with having to run 24/7 operational support services across multiple time zones and locations.

Guests using TOGA hotel services demand smooth experiences when using Properties. Guest Services at TOGA needed immediate responses to ensure the best guest experience, and response time from IT Support to resolve problems had a measurable impact on customer experiences and Global operations.

As a result of TOGA’s Global expansion their single IT team that had grown with the business was working around the clock, inundated with operational support tasks that also detracted from their business-critical IT roles.


By using MOQdigital’s Managed Services Team, TOGA Group was able to scale their People and Processes and increase confidence in their Guest Services.

Key process owners were able to confidently transition operational support tasks to MOQdigital to relieve and elevate TOGA’s internal IT team’s capabilities to more business-critical services.

“MOQdigital are a well-accepted, entrenched part of our business”. – Shane Martin, Chief Information Officer, TOGA Group

The Solution

MOQdigital’s Colombo branch in Sri Lanka enabled TOGA's People, Processes and Tools by provisioning a Managed Service Solution to scale their round-the-clock support for Front of House staff and their internal IT team. This involved the application of a variety of tools and services, including a ticketing system and 24/7 help desk for operational tasks, an extensive knowledge base to support the transition from the internal IT team to MOQdigital, major incident reporting, self-service, operational management, assurance, and cloud management capabilities.

Key process owners at TOGA were able to develop a greater degree of trust in MOQdigital’s Service First approach, even travelling to Colombo to allow the TOGA team to build a direct relationship with MOQdigital’s Managed Service team that better facilitated collaboration and trust.

These services helped TOGA's internal IT team, to focus on business-critical tasks while MOQdigital’s Managed Service Solution addressed their round-the-clock operational support issues. This ensured that guests could receive real-time service from a reliable and 24/7 accessible support team.

These features also allowed TOGA to reduce their internal headcount by approximately a third and significantly increased confidence with their Guest Services Staff. “In the past, our teams would think twice about calling our internal helpdesk in case they were waking someone up, or someone was not there. Now they just do it because they know that they can get the help they need as quickly as they need it.” - Shane Martin, Chief Information Officer at TOGA Group

An increased working trust in MOQdigital’s Managed Service allowed TOGA to confidently transition more tasks to the service.

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