Based in Yeppoon, Queensland, St Brendan’s College is a leader in boys’ education in Central Queensland and teaches boys in years 7-12. It operates a one-to-one device program for students, and recently introduced Microsoft Surface devices for teachers and administrative personnel.


Business Challenge

St Brendan’s College had three targets in its sights when it embarked on its digital modernisation mission; it wanted to update the learning platform, boost security, and streamline its processes. Simon Keen, IT Manager, explains that the College had over the years deployed a number of different systems and technologies – many of which were standalone and didn’t communicate with the other systems. This not only created silos of information across the school, it also posed a security risk.


Working with MOQdigital, St Brendan’s deployed Microsoft Teams as a form of digital backbone for the school. Instead of teachers having to juggle content from Google Docs, email, and the learning management system, it was now all accessible through Teams.

After deploying Office 365, Teams, and SharePoint, St Brendan’s then implemented Azure Active Directory, Intune, Azure Advanced Threat Protection, and Defender to help improve security across the school community, regardless of whether the students were accessing systems from the classroom, the boarding dormitories, or from home.

St Brendan’s continues to beef up security and has started to deploy Azure Sentinel, which provides clarity – essentially a single pane of glass, according to Keen - about security across the entire user community. Sentinel also identifies which issues need to be prioritised and helps automate many responses, ensuring things don’t slip through the cracks. With more robust, secure digital foundations St Brendan’s is now looking to the next phase of its modernization, making better use of the data that it collects in order to maximize learning outcomes.


With the help of MOQdigital, St Brendan’s College successfully streamlined their operational processes by utilising Microsoft Teams and its integrations. They then improved security across the entire school community – using Azure Active Directory, Intune, Azure Advanced Threat Protection and Azure Defender- ensuring that their students were protected, no matter where they were accessing school resources from. The result: a streamlined learning environment that fostered students’ curiosity while protecting them from cyber threats and inappropriate material.

MOQdigital Expertise


  • Education

Desired Outcomes

  • To create a fresh, digitally enabled future.
  • To standardise platforms and streamline processes.
  • To collate all learning platforms into one easy-to-access dashboard.
  • To boost security overall.
  • To update their learning platforms in preparation for further adoption of digital capabilities.

Team Skills

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Intune
  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection
  • Azure Defender