St Joseph’s College oversees the education of 1,500 year 5-12 students and offers a syllabus that supports a broad choice of graduate career development. Queensland education performance rankings consistently places St Joseph’s in the top 2% of the high achieving secondary schools.

The school’s goals of building character and delivering scholastic achievement are balanced against a strong commitment to social justice and selfless community contribution. St Joseph’s embraces technology at all levels with students actively involved in providing service desk support to assist their classmates tackle computing problems.

St Joseph’s College


When Director, ICT Brett Auton took the helm at St Joseph’s he had a clear vision of where he would take the technology to deliver value and Enterprise levels of service delivery. Over the period of his tenure he has transformed the organisation from an out of date and ineffective technology shop to an education leader who harness the power of the cloud and focus on enabling better educational outcomes.

To complete his total service delivery refresh, technology partner MOQdigital were asked to collaborate in developing a more flexible way of providing managed services. The goals were to build a service that delivered better outcomes that were not focussed on technology but functioned within an innovative and adaptable funding model that could rapidly evolve to meet the needs of the College.


The managed service delivery has grown organically, is adapting and changing to meet the changing nature of the business. The support levels have remained the same but allocating resources on-the-fly has seen rationing or plenitude based solely upon the desirable educational deliverables. One typical example is where specialised learning applications are given a higher priority than an administrative support issue.

By applying a dispassionate rule-set across the enterprise framework, the reshaping process continues and improvements accrue. More importantly, the investment return has exceeded the College’s expectations. MOQdigital have adapted their methodology and are applying what they have learned to reframe all of their managed service offerings.

The Solution

MOQdigital and the St Joseph’s IT leadership team worked to develop a support program that met the College’s budgetary and business operating needs. A generic approach was not a suitable fit for the organisation because of the seasonal demands of the school year.

By dynamically prioritising resource allocation the managed services could be tuned to meet the ebbs and and flows of the school year, not the calendar year. Services that could be provided cost-effectively using internal resources were allocated to the College’s IT team while processes that could benefit from economies of scale or automated processes were outsourced to MOQdigital.

The most innovative part of the solution was having a flexible funding model that permitted budget allocation based on immediate ROI. The College’s budget could be apportioned based on a pressing need and best outcome which was unlike the traditional inflexible approach where services were provided against fixed service level agreements.

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