St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace places great emphasis on the importance of good teaching and learning. Faculties are administered with great expertise, and academic excellence is a rewarded and celebrated tradition at Gregory Terrace. This approach has seen the school consistently placed in the top tier of independent schools in Queensland. 

  • Improve resilience and reduce the cost of delivering the service. 
  • Leveraging of new technology to enable the application of future solutions. 
  • Removed unnecessary architecture and ISDN connections resulting in substantial ongoing operation savings.
  • Enabled better budgeting to meet the needs associated with new independent school funding arrangements.  
St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace


St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace has a long heritage of gearing their technology infrastructure, solutions, and applications toward providing highly available and cost-effective services to staff and students across all campuses.

Terrace’s current Data Centre architecture existed between two physically separate locations. The architecture leveraged the College’s exisiting investments and contracts to deliver highly available services for the College.

The time had come to refresh and replace the system so that the College could take advantage of new smarter and more cost-effective technologies to deliver the same outcome.

The new architecture needed to support Terrace’s ever-increasing peak time operational loads, while continuing to retain the same level of efficiency and redundancy that their existing architecture afforded.


After partnering with MOQdigital, St Joseph’s College has been able to achieve their primary goal of providing high-quality education services and proactive improvement without having to worry about the intricacies of their IT systems. 

As the College was able to remove an entire physical Data Centre, Terrace has been able to realise the benefits of a hybrid cloud that significantly lower the cost compared to previous Data Centre configurations.

The updated capabilities from Azure Hybrid Cloud will allow Terrace to apply new technologies, enabling easy integration of cutting-edge network solutions that will continue to keep Terrace in the top tier of Queensland independent schools.

The Solution

After examining Terrace’s existing data centres, MOQdigital recommended a hybrid cloud solution that enabled IT staff to focus on delivering education solutions, rather than maintaining IT infrastructure.  

MOQdigital removed unnecessary connections and physical devices and data centres, resulting in significant cost savings, noticeably up to $9000/month. These savings could then be focused on outcomes that directly related to educational success and aligned with the new funding schemes impacting independent schools.  

MOQdigital Expertise


  • Education


  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Cisco WAN Infrastructure 


  • Consulting
  • Rehost SQL
  • Rehost Virtual Machines