Mortgage Choice was established in 1992, with a vision of building a national network of ethical, credible and professional mortgage brokers who local communities could trust. Since then, the company has evolved into a fully-fledged financial services provider. The company’s goal is to help Australians make better decisions with their finances.

Mortgage Choice

Business Challenge

Mortgage Choice has a core mantra which is to provide the best advice to clients for the long term. To do this effectively, brokers need to build trusted relationships, where face time is valued, allowing brokers to present the latest accurate and detailed advice to their clients.

The Mortgage Choice IT team had developed an industry leading platform some years ago, however in recent times with the advent of modern technology, there was a significant opportunity to reduce the administrative overhead and improve overall client and broker experience.

Removing complex manual data re-capture processes and improving access to the latest information would mean that Mortgage Choice brokers could spend more time with their clients delivering sage advice. The business embarked on a transformation journey which ultimately aimed at improving broker productivity while removing dependencies on legacy technology. 

Mortgage Choice partnered with MOQdigital to assist in the transformation journey which aimed to encompass both the technical platform transformation but also enable a sustainable delivery process for the internal team into the future. Trust was key in the process and the free-flow of ideas and information between both organisations in a truly collaborative project was paramount to success.


Mortgage Choice now have a robust and secure platform that allows for continuous delivery of features and upgrades with little downtime for users. The open architecture design of the platform will allow Mortgage Choice to adopt new and emerging technologies, giving them the ability to innovate into the future with more flexibility across platforms and integrations.

The 30% increase in productivity delivered by the Broker Platform has allowed brokers to focus on helping customers realise their property ownership dreams. In addition, the successful delivery of the platform has elevated the IT and development teams to partners in the business an integral part of ongoing strategy.

Recently, a number of Mortgage Choice brokers and offices were recognised for exceptional work in the Adviser Magazine Australian Broking Awards 2019 winning two major awards. The Broker Platform helped gain recognition as a finalist in the Technology Platform of the Year category.

The Solution

During an intensive 3-day kick off engagement, MOQdigital worked with Mortgage Choice to better understand their solution and business applications architecture, as well as get a view of how the business has built their resource model and team structure to ensure the right skills were available to get the outcome they were looking for.

Mortgage Choice and MOQdigital identified a shared delivery team was required. The technical guidance of MOQdigital would be combined with the extensive domain experience of the existing teams enabling the foundation for an ever-improving delivery program. Reducing impact on business as usual while the large re-build ensued was a key.

The combined team quickly identified the key success criteria:

  • User Experience
  • Accurate issue free usage
  • Industry innovation
  • Productivity

At a technical level, the use of a micro-services processing architecture; with a user experience delivered on the modern responsive web; wrapped in a secure identity platform, has delivered the foundation for the broker platform’s current success and ongoing evolution into the future.

Delivering features in ways that are unique to the industry has set Mortgage Choice apart. Harnessing ideas and delivering them through technology in fast iterative cycles was the combined effort of Mortgate Choice Product Ownership and MOQdigital delivery. Today, the Broker Platform provides possibly the most complete and accurate product catalogue, used daily to assist brokers by pre-matching products based on the financial profile and wishes of clients in an instant. This is combined with a scenario modelling capability that provides brokers and their clients complete “what if” thinking. Finally, once modelled, the direct ‘back end’, integration with downstream supply provides key efficiencies where the entire application submission and tracking process is near seamless.   

Change was important. Mortgage Choice ensured a well-planned change and roll out program of works was considered. MOQdigital ensured that the technical platforms would meet expectations. Hitting release timelines with quality software was paramount. The smooth go-live had great reception from their franchised businesses.

MOQdigital were able to grow the skills within the existing team using the hybrid approach. This gave Mortgage Choice a strong project execution model to both run the successful cloud broker platform engagement, as well as the opportunity for knowledge transfer that would prepare the team for projects in the future.

Working in a true partnership with MOQdigital and Mortgage Choice, end-users were involved and provided input through bi-weekly solution reviews. This ensured the design and build of the platform was on track, and all the important features where delivered within the platform – resulting in a truly user-centric experience for brokers.

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MOQdigital Expertise


  • Financial Services


  • User Experience
  • Accurate, issue-free usage 
  • Industry innovation
  • Increased productivity


  • Microsoft Azure
  • Angular
  • Micro-services solution architecture 
  • Agile hybrid team delivery