Caltex, Australia’s leading transport supplier, delivers products to a nationwide supple chain. Caltex and its franchisees operate 2 refineries, 12 oil terminals, 88 depots and 1,200 retail outlets across Australia. This includes a reseller channel that comprises 46 independent resellers, 1 joint venture and 4 wholly-owned hubs, all serviced under a separate legal entity; Caltex Petroleum Services (CPS).



The challenge in the COSMOS project was to analyse and refine 148 disperate CPS interfaces and to architect a solution that would deliver an economical growth path, lower maintenance costs and higher availability.

COSMOS needed interfaces between the reseller and the back-office Caltex ERP system that could satisfy their business need, but didn’t impinge upon core Caltex business IT functions.

The COSMOS project became the catalyst for the development of new interfaces to the ERP; Microsoft BizTalk Server was chosen for its ability to glue the disparate Caltex front-office interfaces to the existing SAP connectivity tools.



Working with MOQdigital, 19 new interfaces were designed and built in just 480 man days. They helped Caltext achieve:

  • High availability, low maintenance of interfaces
  • Savings through virtualisation of infrastructure
  • Aggregated monitoring
  • Low cost of new interfaces
  • Robust test environment

The Solution

Specific components were built by MOQdigital, including the Aggregated Business Activity Monitor, a custom SharePoint interface and the Business and Application Rules specifications.

Because developers are able to easily construct new interfaces as well as replicate and modify existing interfaces, the COSMOS team will continue to see long-term benefits. In addition, the aggregated Business Activity Monitoring provides an insight into the performance of the whole solution, allowing the business to anticipate future capacity requirements across all interfaces.

“COSMOS was phased in nationally over a 12 month period…Caltex is now using the tool for additional systems other than the reseller solution.” Robin Brown, IT Project Manager, Caltex.

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