Brisbane Catholic Education

Adopting a Cloud First approach for education

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Brisbane Catholic Education is a learning community of all involved in diocesan Catholic schools and the staff of the Brisbane Catholic Education Office. With over 146 schools, Brisbane Catholic Education provides quality teaching and learning outcomes for approximately 76,000 Prep to Year 12 students. 

 BCE schools are shaping lives, nurturing individuals and encouraging each student to realise their full potential. Through its partnerships with ​​parents, governments and the community, it is providing social responsibility, self-discipline and Christian values for all its students and nurtures and supports the community in their faith journey. 



Business Challenge

BCE have adopted a “Cloud First” approach, but required assistance as this is often a large and complex environment. They had previously used Office 365 for messaging, various instances of SharePoint, and a small IaaS footprint within Azure. BCE were looking to expand their Cloud capabilities with the deployment and managing of a Microsoft Teams service. 

  • BCE had a Cisco Webex solution that was not integrated with their Microsoft 365 operations. Management and Scheduling were on-going issues occurring within their Webex environment 
  • As part of their Head Office move, BCE decided to pilot Microsoft Teams Video enabled services and migrate all BCEO Meeting Rooms to the new platform upon moving offices. 
  • BCE had a Telstra TIPT IP Telephony Solution that was not providing any future benefits for application integration  
  • As part of their Head Office move, BCE decided to pilot Microsoft Teams telephony and migrate all BCEO staff to the new platform upon moving offices. 

 To that end, BCE needed an experienced Technology Partner to help them create a technology roadmap of their current capabilities. This partner would provide planning, deployment and managed services of a Teams Environment for their teaching and support staff. 


MOQdigital assisted with the development of a technology roadmap and deployed a Microsoft Teams Rooms System for BCE’s new Head Office.​ 

The service comprised of the following: 

15 Video Enabled Meeting Rooms​ 
14x Logitech Meet Up with Tap​ 
1x Logitech Rally Plus with Tap​ 
MOQdigital’s Managed Services​ 

Additionally, MOQdigital deployed Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing, leveraging redundant SBCs deployed in BCE’s Datacentres.​ The service comprised of: 

Microsoft Teams – Direct Routing​ 
2x Ribbon SBC 1000s​ 
Poly RealConnect for Microsoft Teams​ 
MOQdigital’s Managed Services 



Development of a technology roadmap


Meeting Rooms​ 
Logitech Meet Up
Logitech Rally Plus

Microsoft Teams

Direct Routing​ 
Ribbon SBC 1000s​ 
Poly RealConnect 



In using the new Teams Systems in their new head office, BCE’s staff have successfully taken advantage of the new and evolving Microsoft Teams features and enabled a more modern, collaborative experience in the workplace.​ The deployment reduced their operational costs associated with Cisco Webex​, supporting 500 Staff across multiple sites The solution has allowed BCE’s staff to successfully take advantage of the new and evolving features Microsoft Teams brings enabling a more modern, collaborative experience in the workplace.​