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Business Challenge

Just five years ago, the BDO Global Team was 12 staff and Global Internal IT was managed through the BDO Netherlands Firm. With the rapid growth of BDO Global’s staff to 100 in 2018, BDO Netherlands was finding it hard to manage and maintain the Global Offices requirements with their resources on the ground. It was time the Global Office was separated from the regional office into their own IT environment.

To execute on the BDO Global IT strategy promoted to all new firms opening under the BDO name, the Global Team needed to approach their own separation from the Dutch offices with a cloud-first approach. Global IT staff operate across 25 countries, supporting BDO offices across 164 countries – so the new environment needed to give the Global team consistency while not hampering day-to-day operations.

BDO was keen to remove all physical infrastructure to achieve a completely cloud based environment. The goal was to increase collaboration through collaborative technology and allow their 24/7 work force to continue operation while updates were made to the system. Ultimately, it needed to provide a completely cloud-based, collaborative, consistent and efficient way of working for their users across the globe.

Knowing they needed help, BDO Global reached out to long-term partner MOQdigital to bring their expertise, ideas and IP to help decide and implement the best way forward for their Network, Security, Business Applications, Productivity tools and Service Management.

Previously operating under restricted traditional systems, BDO Global needed a more modern and mobile workplace. They needed a new way to provision user devices, manage configurations and security baselines and deploy applications that was simple and accessible. All this while ensuring visibility and control of these devices regardless of where staff operate from home such as local offices, shared working spaces, café’s, airports or existing BDO offices across the globe.


After the official separation from the Dutch office in April 2019, BDO Global now operate on the Microsoft 365 platform and all associated business applications and supporting services, network and security is serviced entirely in the Cloud. The Global IT team now have a simple solution that is agile, empowers their staff to be more productive whilst being manageable and maintainable with minimal disruption to business activities.

The team now have the ability to use all the applications offered within Office 365 – something they weren’t able to do before without big, time-consuming projects and releases. The executive team have expressed measurable differences in the way they work, with new productivity applications becoming available upon release and available whenever they want, from wherever they are in the world.

Microsoft Teams has given them new working habits, with collaboration easier than ever before. With so many staff constantly travelling – meetings across time zones can be easily scheduled and executed from airports, cafes or during the commute without hassle.

The out-of-box auto-enrolment and configuration of new devices has created a simple and seamless process for onboarding new team members, and ensures members operating from South Africa have the same experience as staff operating in Malaysia, for example.


Of the transformation, Russ Phillips, Director of Technology and Security at BDO Global IT said, “MOQ are patient and made the education process of new technology uptake understandable... they understand what I need and what our business needs, and how the technology will integrate into that solution.”

Operating across eight Azure data centres around the globe, BDO Global IT executives now get a consistent and simple experience to the way their desktop operates. They have a secure, completely cloud-based solution using Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Office 365, Networking, Security, Business Applications and supporting services that are always up to date.

Looking to the future, BDO Global hope to offer their cloud-first approach and experience to their member firms, and work with them to make sure they are operating the same modern workplace as BDO Global.


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